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  1. Alison S

    R.i.p My Little Roxy X

    My little Roxy passed away today, I will miss you terribly x
  2. Alison S

    Just For Julie

    This is our new wee puppy, guess what he is!
  3. Alison S

    Thanks Scarlett

    Thanks from Mitch, he loves his new swing. There is so much on it to keep him busy.
  4. Alison S

    A New Man In My Life!

    Guess what he is for? Rhonda you are excluded!
  5. Alison S

    A Few More From The Scarlett's Get Together

    Julie and Rhonda were so excited about the Donuts so I had to take their pics! What a great day yesterday, thank you to Scarlett and Tristen for making us very welcome.
  6. Alison S

    Tea Break

    Thought you would like this mug, it's from Amazon and they have about 5 bird designs. They are £6 but are large mugs. I have taken a picture next to an ordinary size mug to show the difference!
  7. Alison S

    I Think I'm A Parrot

    Lucy my Jack Russell thinks she is a parrot! She eats all the left overs and now she is jumping into Jazz's cage!
  8. Alison S

    How Much Would This Cost?

    Does anyone have an idea how much a Macaw size cage would cost me to have it delivered from Newcastle to Glasgow? Thanks
  9. Alison S


    Good morning, Can't sleep for all the Christmas lists going round in my head! Been on here trying to catch up because I didn't get to yesterday. My Jazz hasn't been himself and has been snipping every feather he can reach. We have moved him out of the bird room now and into the dining area...
  10. Alison S


    Good morning All, Can't sleep as I fell down the stairs last night and I have a very sore ankle! I had to borrow crutches last night as I can't put my foot down. Hopefully it will get better as the day goes on.... Have a good day everyone.
  11. Alison S

    Some Pictures Of My Lot

  12. Alison S

    5 Lovebirds Looking For A Holiday Home

    Was wondering if there is anyone in the Glasgow area that would be willing to look after five lovebirds in the one cage from the 26 July - 11 August. My friend Roger from East Kilbride has asked me but I am away on holiday then. He will pay for their boarding. Thanks Alison
  13. Alison S

    Another Visit To TIPS

    Had another lovely day at the Sanctuary yesterday. Interacted with most of the birds and helped with some cleaning. Vonnie showed me how to make a willow wreath by entwining willow branches into a circle, Mitch our Major Mitchel enjoyed one when we got home.
  14. Alison S

    Hi, I'm New!

    My name is Alison. I'm from Erskine, near Glasgow. We own Becky BG, Mitch a Major Mitchel, Jazz, CAG, Napolean a Senegal, Candy a green cheeked Conure, Roxy and Pip- Love Birds , Ozzy a Parrotlet and we have just rescued an Umbrella Too called Bobo. Most of our birds are rescued, as you can...
  15. Alison S

    Male Umbrella Attacking All Of Us

    I rescued a Male Umbrella Cockatoo on Tuesday and it is flying at us and attacking all of us. Have tried going very slow, keeping it in the cage for a few days, giving plenty treats etc etc. Got this bird of a man who had got it 4 weeks and it started to attack him. Don't know any other history...
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