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  1. Michael85

    just a little advice

    Good morning all. Just after a little advice. Yesterday a bought a "super tame" green cheeked conure. It's lovely, really syurdy, not scared of anything apart from absolutely everything and I mean everything. Any tips or tricks on taming/ training? I managed to com him on to to my finger last...
  2. Michael85

    complete mix or seed,fruity mix

    I'm currently feeding my irn fruity parrot mix from pets at home which is about £5 a kilo and I have just ordered some kaytee complete chunky mix too what do you food your birds. before you ask I intend in changing from seed mix to complete chunky mix as a main dish food as well as fresh fruit...
  3. Michael85

    Hello One And All

    Hi I'm like from Scunthorpe I'm 30 and just got a Indian ring neck. I got this bird from a family member who got the bird as a bad debt paid. It's approximately 7month old, I have renewed all a her toys and deep cleaned her cage. She is very shy often goes to the back of the cage a really...
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