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  1. sunnyring

    Nelly Dog

    our lovely girl is gone. the anti seizure drugs worked well for 8 days, and then they did not. we were fortunate to find a vet who specialises in at home euthanasia who was kindness personified. Nelly had a very bad night Sunday, thankfully yesterday Monday had rallied and was happy again but...
  2. sunnyring

    Wednesday 24th July

    morning all. far too damn early but Nelly dog is ill and I am sitting up with her. she is an old girl and had a fit on Monday- we hoped it was a one off but had a second briefer one about an hour ago. I know she is in her last weeks. she is now asleep and comfortable but I am going to have to...
  3. sunnyring

    An Attractive Safe Drinker For An Aviary?

    my aviary gang have a plastic plant saucer and a poultry drinker. it works but not exactly attractive. I would like something that looks good, is none toxic and big enough for cockatiels, zebs, budgies and odd tiny chicken to drink from it and take an occassional bath. and not earth...
  4. sunnyring

    Raddish Leaves?

    I have lots of raddish growing in veg plot. can the leaves be fed to birds? are they safe? I can't imagine any of mine wanting the root but is that safe if they do?
  5. sunnyring

    Barbie's Babies 2019

    meet Barbie's new ducklings- hatched last night, she's an old old lady but seems young again now has these to protect... she nailed me well when I put hand in to put food in lol. she is either 14 or 15 now. the ducklings are runners. Asbo chicken who normally lives with Barbie is now...
  6. sunnyring

    Super Easy Fast Salad/veg Growing

    my latest discovery is pea shoot salad. step one- buy a packet of dried peas from supermarket (not from gardening section) I got one from asda- 250g for 50p and it has many many seeds step two- soak seeds for 12 hours then plant 3 or 4 to a cell in seed trays. bung on windowsills. step three-...
  7. sunnyring

    Feeder For Smaller Birds-none Spill

    I bought this last week for my aviary, which has budgies,diamond doves, cockatiels and zebra finches in as I am sick of having them throw good seed on floor then refuse to eat it and have it wasted. so far very impressed- did have to ram grass in them at first to encourage my resistant gang...
  8. sunnyring

    Some Kind Men Rescued A Dog... made me laugh..!
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  10. sunnyring

    Chickens In Bed

    because they make me smile all tucked up when i go round and do lock up at bedtime , here are my gang, 2 groups are in full moult so excuse their scruffy feathers...these are all serama bantams, very tiny.
  11. sunnyring

    Dangerous Childs Toy?

    just read on face book that a lady's parrotlets both died when exposed to a childs toy called a Squishy Cat Burger. this is apparently some squeaky toy that when squeaked puts a puff of strong scent into room. the parrotlet owner is convinced the childrens toy being squeaked in same room as...
  12. sunnyring

    Dogs & Fireworks

    I found this today- a DIY version of a thundershirt which is said to be very comforting to dogs who are scared of fireworks. not tried it myself as our dog although a little twitchy is not too bad but for those who do have anxious dogs it may be worth a go.
  13. sunnyring

    Zebra Finches

    come in amazing colours, not photoed the` penguin one`s , nor tufted as they move like lightening but some of the others were more amiable to camera
  14. sunnyring

    Zombie Parrot Anyone?

    Asda have surpassed themselves.. they are now selling zombie parrots in cages- talking too...,default,pd.html
  15. sunnyring

    Odd Little Lovebird

    a couple of months ago I moved my newly widowed male love bird to the aviary where he settled in pretty well with budgies, cockatiels and zebra finches... then the cockatiels chick fledged... he decided his role was to shadow the youngster and feed him. which was cute if a little weird the...
  16. sunnyring

    Sea Gulls

    stolen off facebook - it made me laugh Guys this is the true crime story of the decade: Yesterday a friend told me what might well be the best story I’ve ever heard. She had caught the train in from Frankston. And while she was waiting for the train to come, she noticed a man sitting down on...
  17. sunnyring

    Duckling Loving Hot Weather

  18. sunnyring

    Fly Trap

    revolting fly trap- worth every penny! note the taped seams- these cheap traps sometimes leak- if you tape them before adding water it usually stops it. the more expensive redtop brand traps do not leak but I found them too powerful- I just want to kill flies in our garden- not attract...
  19. sunnyring

    Product Recall -spring

    Product recall -Spring Further to our recent correspondence regarding this year's Spring product and the water content thereof, it has recently come to our attention that in reducing the water content as requested, our production team have now slightly overdone the sun element. We do apologise...
  20. sunnyring

    Electric Bill

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