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  1. Alison S

    Who else is lives Scotland?

    If you are over our way let us know and we can arrange a visit, just PM me x
  2. Alison S

    Who else is lives Scotland?

    Will let you know if I hear of any bird sales in your area, they are usually on a Sunday x
  3. Alison S

    Who else is lives Scotland?

    I'm just outside Glasgow, Rhonda And @Julie are in Glasgow. Julie may know someone. X
  4. Alison S

    Palm Beach pics

    Lovely pictures Mary x
  5. Alison S

    Playing games

    Don't worry about it, just so happy that things are going so well. I should have called but I'm drugged up with twelve steroids a day! Give her a Kiss from us X 
  6. Alison S

    Playing games

    That sounds great, so happy that she is behaving for you X 
  7. Alison S

    Hospital Again

    Great news Nigel.
  8. Alison S

    Monday 12th Oct

    Morning all, lovely sunny morning here. Another day in the Aviary for my two. Have a good day.
  9. Alison S

    Pecan Nuts

    Only as treats. My two are the same they would eat loads of nuts if they were allowed.
  10. Alison S

    Scrambled Egg Tonight!

    Looks lovely. I've never tried the sweet potato raw, great idea.
  11. Alison S

    Gary Seems To Have An Ulcer!?

    My Senegal Napoleon had an ulcer on his tongue a few years ago. We didn't know he had it until it burst and there was a lot of blood on his tongue and he was shaking it everywhere, I thought he had cut his tongue, we took him straight to our Avian vet and he told us what it was. He got...
  12. Alison S

    Emergency Vets Visit For Roxxi

    Glad she is coping and getting spoiled by her Mummy!
  13. Alison S

    Monday 31St

    Sorry put it twice!
  14. Alison S

    Monday 31St

    Morning all,it's nice here and very mild. My two are out in the Aviary and even Had their showers outside. Hubby bought me a hot tub last week to help with all my aches and pains.
  15. Alison S

    Frankie's Visit To The Water Today

    Lovely video, my two dogs are scared of the water!!
  16. Alison S

    Breakfast For Big Blue Chickens ;)

    Looks yummy, hope they both ate it all! X
  17. Alison S

    Thursday 13Th

    Morning all, glorious here meant to get to 22 today then back to Autumn tomorrow! Means my two can get their shower out in the Aviary today. Scottish schools are back today. My daughter is away into fifth year, time flyes. Julie you are going to be busy phoning us all!! Love to everyone x
  18. Alison S

    Saturday 8Th August

    Morning all, sunny here for the second day in a row!! It's to rain later! About to put my two out in the Aviary then get my breakfast. Have a good day everyone x
  19. Alison S

    Fly Free My Angel

    So sorry to hear this x
  20. Alison S

    Friday 7Th August

    Morning all, I have pulled myself together and I'm back on. Was feeling lost without Becky but after catching up on the post I am so happy for her. I have missed my parrot family! Thinking of Bilbo x
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