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  1. pally

    Missed You All

    You too missed you lot x
  2. pally

    Interesting Article From New York Times Magazine

    Erm ok perhaps you win you wouldn’t be happy without the chaos I know I wouldn’t x
  3. pally

    Hey Guys

    Buggers as always x
  4. pally

    Missed You All

    Sorry it’s been so long you lot
  5. pally

    Hey Guys

    hello everyone been a while.hope all the bird buddies are doing great
  6. pally

    I’m Back Guys I’ve Fixed My Tech Problems !

    Hi everyone long time no see!
  7. pally

    Tropical Fish Question

    Yep lacking a male the dominant female can often change its sex,nature sure is great @denzarki
  8. pally

    Plum, Fly Free My Gorgeous Boy.

  9. pally

    Monday 5th March

    They are just the softest aint' they @JessCheekyMia x
  10. pally

    Animal Mad!

    Ha love the giraffe picture,Ive watched nature programs all my life but when I saw a giraffe for real I just stood for hours gobsmacked.amazing x
  11. pally


    Well my first caique was named after pippa my first true parrot,but being male I had changed it to pepper,then came poppy his mate.gizmo the yellow thighed caique came to me already named,then I got Bobby and Betty ,after that otis came to me from a lovely couple from Liverpool. Finally I bred...
  12. pally


    I do this when I eat salad yyyyyyakk
  13. pally

    Question For Everybody

    My first bird was a golden mantle rozella and my first pet bird was a Senegal parrot called pipa she was my best mate and everyone' worst enemy x
  14. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Hi @kayc137 I live with 7 caiques soon to be 8 and a galah and a meyers.x
  15. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Thanks @JessCheekyMia they usually jump all over the camera so getting a picture is a nightmare ha x
  16. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    She's my little naughty girl @Kerin x
  17. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Oh it different alright ha.x
  18. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    They all come out together @Bradders depending on the season as Bobby and Betty are horrors when they are breeding.and yes in bloody mayhem every day.they settle around 8pm and all shout night night and stretch out their wings and go to bed all works well just got to read the mood at all...
  19. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Yeah @Bradders she the first chicken I bred,it was love at first pleased I kept her she' got a special place in my heart she' got me wrapped round her little toe.x
  20. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Thanks @bikergirl Carol so hard to get caiques to keep flipping still for a picture he x
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