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  1. pally

    Missed You All

    Sorry it’s been so long you lot
  2. pally

    Hey Guys

    hello everyone been a while.hope all the bird buddies are doing great
  3. pally

    I’m Back Guys I’ve Fixed My Tech Problems !

    Hi everyone long time no see!
  4. pally

    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Just a few pictures of my scummy little Lucy chicken. Plus her first introduction to Bella the meyers.
  5. pally

    Meet Bella The Meyers Parrot

    This is Bella ,she' just come to live with me an hour ago.she' a bad tempered biting meyers girl apparently.yet somebody seems to really like me already.stepping up being tickled and kissed.maybe shes feeling a bit insecure and wants attention but we shall see.I think maybe she knows in going to...
  6. pally

    Poppy Showing Lucy Good Behaviour

    Just a few pics of baby lucy and her auntie poppy hanging out,
  7. pally

    The Parrot Nestbox Company

    As some of you guys may remember i had quite a bit of trouble trying to get the caique nestbox from this guy for many months although taking your money was never a problem.that said when the box eventually arrived it was so well made that all of the lies and false delivery dates were put aside,i...
  8. pally

    My Sad Sad Christmas Tale.

    Well folks that time of year has come again and this xmas my son who ive raised alone from the age of 3 and is now 21,is working away .so looking forward to my christmas holidays alone was not something ive been looking forward to. Also over the years of taking more and more caique and parrots...
  9. pally

    I Won I Won!

    Not the lottery just a box of fittness goodies for being member of the month at my new gym ha! finally someth8ng the caiques cant take from me!
  10. pally

    Bruce The Aussie King Parrot

    Look who has come home with me from an auction,i knew he was going to live with me the moment i saw him and i wasnt going to be out the big lad has a huge aviary to explore while i track down a girlfriend for him.he is stunning simply breathtaking.
  11. pally

    Chewbacca And The Caiques!

    Managed to snap a few picks of the chicks while they were busy being cute,sorry they a bit dark and yes im wearing a chewbacca onesie.i know i know but im by myself ,the birds love it and its so blooming comfy .
  12. pally

    Meet The Baby Caiques!

    Well i got them back from the handrearers yesterday and what a fab job she has done,ive got them back a little early so i can do a bit handrearing for myself,need some practice and its only the odd feed as they are almost fully weaned. what a mess i must say ha!,it gets everywhere!my handrearer...
  13. pally

    My Favourite Flower

    Love this plant so much,so red it seems on fire,and the front garden is growing lush and jungle like after all the hard work last year.
  14. pally

    Caique Colour Mutation Now Living With Me

    Came home today to find a new glowing turquoise caique in otis,s cage,what on earth is going on.???????. Guess the answer anyone!
  15. pally

    Brilliant Idea!

    Top tip for you all.when collecting willow branches for your indoor flock,make sure you get them with the willow catkins on as when they have been indoors for 24 hours in the heat,they explode all of thier dandylion like seeds allover your home! then you have your very own fairytale movie set or...
  16. pally

    Grapes And Parrots?

    Been hearing mixed reports about feeding grapes to parrots.i always have myself but ive heard a few conflicting reports on their safety especially grapes from chile.its a new one to me.anyone else had any problems?...maybe @DizzyBlue can get her teeth into this.cheers folks
  17. pally

    Help Please About A Company

    Hi guys has anyone have any experience with a certain nestbox company for parrots?as im having a problem with them .
  18. pally

    My New Rainforest Grande Triple Cage.

    My word this thing is huge,just come this morning and its bobby and betty in already but bobbywont let me put the toys in yet untill he calms down ha,the whole move has him in attack mode too much excitement for one day mr bobby.gizmo is in minus the golden ticket of a female and...
  19. pally

    Otis The Caique Joins The Flock.

    Well if you guys remember a while ago this little fella was looking for a he arrived from liverpool with his mam and dad @JoBo .after all the worry if he would fit in with the other caiques otis decided not to wait a day or two to settle in and just came out of his travel cage and did...
  20. pally

    Look What I Found

    Couldn't resist buying this today what do you lot think?
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