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  1. Karen

    A Member Coming To Visit Me

    Omg wow , Can you guess who it is , Clues She lovely She got 2 african Greys She don't live in the uk She just got married , she met loads of you on the forum , especially Liz So, who is the person , Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. Karen

    Head Down And Fluffed Up

    I'm sorry I not been on much , but got a problem with Pablo and Lola , Lola is a little monkey ,now Pablo don't want to go in aviary with her . When she goes up to him ,Pablo's head goes down and he all fluffed up , but he don't move from her ,but I always intervene . So not sure what to do ...
  3. Karen

    Senior Moment

    Ok guys what's this , Must be good for them or I wouldn't have bought it , just don't know what the heck I bought as put it in tub.
  4. Karen

    New Cages

    Ok got them both in ,Pablo hates it ,he won't go up , he just walking about the. Bottom of cage .
  5. Karen

    New Cages

    I'm getting mew cages for my 2 as my back is killing me cleaning out the old ones every night. , My 2 never use bottom of cage , so I ordered these from Spain . Tjey the same as my old ones in size just not height .
  6. Karen

    Lola Had An Accident

    Omg you wanna see the tiny feathers out her head, omg this this worst accident mine have had . Should I put anything on it or just leave it . She got a fright by something amd went screaming round the room , when I went to pick her up was shocked ,think she must have scuffed the ceiling .
  7. Karen

    New Cages

    Ok how should I get my two into their new cages, they should be here next week. . Do I remove old cages and have new ones in place for them in the morning . I think they gonna freak out at them . Last time Pablo for new cage it was in lounge for 7 months before he would go near it. I had to...
  8. Karen

    For Michael

    Just wanna say thanks for being the star that we all knew you are . You know what I'm talking about . Hey Michael , love you millions xxxxx Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. Karen

    Great Forum, Great People

    Just wanted to say a big thank you , I not post very often but when I do post I always get a reply straight away . In my view this is what makes a great forum. Want to say a. Big thanks to Kim for her speedy reply , WTG Kim .
  10. Karen

    Need An Answer Quick Please

    Ok my friens is in hospital and her parrot is dying , her friend looking after it and they moving it into bird hospital cage , it's thermostatic ly controlled but they don't know what temperature to set it at . Told them I would find out and get back ASAP.
  11. Karen

    OMG Panic Panic Panic

    Ok bill going to uk for a week , omg how am I gonna get Lola out her bed with out her biting me , honest she must fluffs up and I know she gonna bite me . I think it will be good for us ,she will have to rely on me , bjt hey she is a more or with me , but a little baby for bill. So if I'm on...
  12. Karen

    Meals For 2

    14 bags ,enough for 2 weeks
  13. Karen

    Nikki, How's Little Rodger

    Do you hear how he is . Was just thinking about him , and wondered
  14. Karen

    Foot On Head

    Lola tries to,out her foot on pablos head , I'm scared Pablo will bite it , anyone know why she does this .x She is being nice when she does it. Omg I think she being nice anyway . Will Pablo bite it or does he know not to bite it
  15. Karen

    Bill's Tomorrow Morning Banana

  16. Karen

    My Son Sent Me These

    Photos that he took coming back from edinburgh last night , wow , I thought they beautiful ,so I know you probably not interested ,but you better reply. Ha ha ha xxx
  17. Karen

    Where's Ann Marie

    Hope she not been on holiday yet , omg if she has been to Lanzarote and not let on , ha ha ha I'm gonna kill her .xxx
  18. Karen

    Skooter's New House

    It got a bit on the back so when she eventually gets to fly outside she can land on the landing thingy AMD get back into the cage herself.
  19. Karen

    Help Please

    This bird keeps coming back to the villa,the guests say it's pooping all over place , they say it's a homing pigeon , but it doesn't look like any pigeon I've seen before . The thing is , I don't know what to do with it . It's been coming for 5 days now ,it's very tame and sits right in...
  20. Karen

    Please Be Careful , Bank Accounts

    My bank account has just been hacked, on,y for 2 days but they taken hundreds, Only found out as amazon sent me e mail saying someone had ordered something but they ouldnt give the right details Greetings from We perform routine reviews of orders to protect our customers...
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