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    Caption Competition#110

  2. Setanta

    Caption Competition #105

  3. Setanta

    The Undead Are Among Us

    Sunday. Midnight. Tossing and turning because of a toothache. I've been postponing the dentist for weeks. I hear a bird scream outside in the dark. Sounds like a parrot. Couldn't be one of mine though, they're both in their nest box. OR ARE THEY? Creep downstairs. Open the front door to check...
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    Still Want That Bird To Talk?

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    Tv Licence

    From South Africa: Its funny cos its true! Penalty for not paying your TV licence, R10,000 or 12 months in jail Penalty for shooting dead an intruder on your property - 6 months probation Moral of the story: When the TV licence inspector calls, its better to shoot him and take your chances in court
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    Caption Competition 74

    The rules are simple and any one can join in........ and all you need to do is think up a caption that goes with the photo provided. Rules:- 1 - two captions per person 2 - the caption will be judged by me in one weeks time - the winner plus second and third places will be announced after...
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    Fingers Relaxing After His Shower

  8. Setanta

    Back In Capetown With The Mad Gang

    Started new job a couple of hours flight away Had a great weekend catching up with the feathered loonies @pally
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    Away For A Year - No Bites!

    This is a thread for all those people who worry about leaving their birds for a few days. I left mine for what should have been a few months, but ended up being a year. No contact, no video calls, nothing. Yes the first few months were hell. I left their care to the SO and my EX, threatening...
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    Photo Competition #51

    as usual.... 1.You get to write 2 captions to the picture 2.You have a week to add your caption, after a week the winner will be decided by TomsMum along with 2nd and 3rd place 3.Whoever is the winner will then carry the comp on with a picture. I will judge in about a week's time. Cant wait...
  11. Setanta

    Thumper The Caique In Hospital

    Hi Gang, Havent posted in a while, its been a tiopsy turvy time. Im in the UK now, working on a contract in Manchester, so I hope to get a chance of meeting some people off this site, and their birds. My partner is looking after the flock at home in Capetown, as we approach breeding...
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    Sat 15Th Capetown

    Took a drive up the coast to see the wild spring Flowers - Stopped for breakfast at a game farm - Colony of weaverbirds right outside the front door! I LOVE living in CapeTown  JP
  13. Setanta

    Caiques Sharing Food?

    Caiques sharing food? Shuuuurely shome mishtake? Well, yes they ARE, but only as long as food is ABUNDANT. ( Do NOT try this at home) I'm feeding the caiques a warm evening meal of  high quality breakfast museli ( no salt, no sugar, no additives), just a warm mush  of muesli with added protein...
  14. Setanta

    Mmmm Pears The mad hang having a blast
  15. Setanta

    My Parakeet Wont Get An Erection - Should I Kill My Roommate? Lol. Blame Yahoo, not me!
  16. Setanta

    How To Move A Hormonal Caique With A Net!

    Well, clearly you aren't going to use your HANDS! 1. Acquire a small muslin net with a short handle. 2. Show the net to the caique. 3. Caique leaps on, violently assaulting the net ( Note: no finger interaction here!) 4. Carry net with demon bird attached to empty flight. 5. Place net on...
  17. Setanta

    Setanta's Caiques - Boytjie ( Boychee)

    My name is Boytjie and I'm a deep thinker and philosopher. I often sits here and ponders the meaning of life and things. Well, what do you think I do in that cage all day, when I'm not wrestling Barbie Girl to the floor of the cage?.   For instance is the seed bin half full or half empty...
  18. Setanta

    Well Done To Paul And Sue!

    I would like to congratulate Paul and Sue for making the right decision with Peanut and Popcorn. I know a little ( and I mean that humbly) about caiques since I have 11, but the three new babies which arrived last Xmas are kept away from the flock for now. The introduction has to be VERY...
  19. Setanta

    Look Into My Eyes

    Yes look into my eyes! Look into my eyes, Not around the eyes, look into my eyes Yes, you're under! I did not steal your raspberry fondue!
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    Caique Maths!

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