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  1. Nikki h

    Nictitating Membrane

    here's lippy x A lil interesting read
  2. Nikki h

    Too Soon Lil Angel Xxxxx Fly Free Sweet Treacle Xxxxx

    It's with such a heavy heart I share this news....this wonderful perfect lil girl has been taken to the Angels way way way too's thought that in her excitement to get out to see her wonderful mum when she got home that she may have fallen and broken her neck in the cage. Mandi is...
  3. Nikki h

    I've Not Been About A Lot The Last Few Weeks But Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas Xxx

    Merry Christmas guys enjoy and be merry xxx
  4. Nikki h


    Morning guys had a message in the night asking me to give my honest opinions on toos for pets.... Great to see people asking others before jumping in to take on one of these beauties...thought I'd share my reply to her as I think it's a good insight in to what you can expect from a too!! Lol xx...
  5. Nikki h

    Using The Aviator Harness As Requested!

    Here you go guys, it's an old one but shows you his to use the aviator when you feathered friend is a willing subject! :)
  6. Nikki h

    Healthy Red Feathers!

    This is super sexy Eddie burd!! He's off to live with his new mummy at the weekend and will be totally spoilt.....he is from my haggis's parents and their eldest chicks always have some nice red in them, Eddie is by far the reddest I have had...he's totally gorgeous and 1 million percent...
  7. Nikki h

    More New Flights Lol

    Got the toos some Rosemead aviaries sorted so they can go outside during the daytime all together at last!! Also had a new baby cage made too
  8. Nikki h

    Another One?.

    Hi guys, I have acquired another little guy x This is Ziggy and he has come to me through the lovely Julie xxx now I have absolutely most definitely not got anymore room!!! He us a total love xx
  9. Nikki h

    Introducing Buster!

    For those of you that don't know...I have rehomed another cockatoo!! Buster is his name a lesser sulphur crested the last six weeks he has had five homes, he is very aggressive and hates men.......seems happy with me, but during this time I know he hasn't been out of his cage...
  10. Nikki h

    New Addition

    Hi guys, I can't do many pictures at the moment as I am having trouble with my photo bucket account, but I wanted to share my news. Fingers crossed I will be having a new addition hopefully next weekend...just waiting for his test results to come back and then I can collect him! He is a...
  11. Nikki h

    Fly Free Handsome Boy Xx

    It is with very teary eyes that I am posting this Little bandit passed away this morning at home with Helen, after putting up such a fight! Helen and her family are in pieces. I knew when Helen took him from me as a little baby he would have the very best home with a family that would give...
  12. Nikki h

    Harnesses! Media Overload FAO Lesley ( Three Ladies) Xxxxxx

    Ok so you guys have seen the wonderful pics of daisy! (Trish baby!) This has inspired me to get the harness on haggis, now he was harness trained as a baby but as he goes out in the aviary in good weather I never kept it up!! Today I decided I was gonna bite the bullet and try again as those...
  13. Nikki h

    Tidy Mix

    Hi all i have just heard from a Facebook group that tidy mix have made a massive increase on their seeds. I know a lot of you feed this. Prices have gone right up, we used to pay £182.50p for five bags of 22.68 kilo bags it is now £215 Small bag 22.68k is now £49.95p I have sent an...
  14. Nikki h

    Had A Great Visit!

    So yesterday I went to meet Sarah and tascha at Sarah's house! On the way I popped into Scarlett's again lovely to see them if only briefly, bought a few bits Along with aload of travel cages and bowls!! Cedric wouldn't let me near him!!! He was listening to me but would come to...
  15. Nikki h

    An Adventure By The Sea

    Well Jen and tascha have visited and oh what an adventure they have had!!!! Well after much deliberation jenni chose the little boy, she liked the girl rio but because Jen had told me absolutely no girls she was spoken for by Jordan who was second in live to choose!! Georgette gets golly who...
  16. Nikki h


    Hi guys just thought I should post!! I have been mad busy over Christmas with relatives and babies to look after!! I have Inlaws down just now so there are ten of us in the house along with all the babies!! Kids are so excited gypsy is screaming like mad!!!! Lmao had to take two paracetamol...
  17. Nikki h

    And Another Tenner!

    Well done guys another tenner in the lottery pot!!
  18. Nikki h

    A Little Update !

    Hi guys thought i would give you a little update on whats happening at ours!! All the babies are in the brooders and making fantastic progress, first will soon be popping out his first little red tail feathers!! :dance: So a couple of babies are going to people well known to the forum....i...
  19. Nikki h

    Look At These! :)

    Well one of our new members has a great talent i wanted to share with you... George...aka lead something or other makes these beautiful things, im sure you will agree they are adorable, i have ordered two for my neices....minus the birds though!!! lol Great job George they are brilliant!
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