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  1. dianaT

    Sunday 15th December

    Good morning everyone. Still wet and windy down here. We were woken 4am with a hailstorm which was so severe we thought the windows would break it was accompanied by gusts of wind too. Hope the birthday party went well @Yellowchickenparrot !! No doubt a noisy affair :D
  2. dianaT

    Saturday 14th December

    Good morning, hope everyone is keeping warm, early this morning we had hailstones, sleet then snow which melted as it hit the ground now the sun is out but the wind is icy. @Yellowchickenparrot hope your son enjoys his birthday party and Happy Birthday to him (sorry don't recall his name).
  3. dianaT

    Friday 13th December

    Good morning, yes Friday 13th !! Anyone superstitious? So Boris is now officially our PM, just hope he does the best for the UK in whatever he does. Unfortunately down here in Wales we have the WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) which we do not need and can do without, all that money wasted ...
  4. dianaT

    Christmas Carol

  5. dianaT

    Omega 3

    Omega 3
  6. dianaT

    Thursday 12th December

    Good morning well yet another wet and windy one here, it seems to be the same very and I mean every day. Today we shall head off to the village hall to cast our vote - for what it's worth! Also the Tesco shop comes today plus a couple of parcels, so we may have to go individually to the...
  7. dianaT

    Wednesday 11th December

    Good morning, another wet and windy one here. Have had notification that our heating oil will arrive today, no idea what time though. So I best get a move on as do not want to go outside in PJs, slippers and dressing gown! Reminder - 2 weeks today is Christmas day .
  8. dianaT


    Created by a Russian designer (no animals were used) and people are buying
  9. dianaT

    So what's folks opinions on this
  10. dianaT

    Monday 9th December

    Good morning Hope you have all survive the awful gales of last night. I have not been outside yet so no idea what damage has been done or whether any trees are down, will find out soon enough.
  11. dianaT

    Can you..... Lol !

  12. dianaT

    Hubbys early Christmas pressies

    He needed new waterproof overalls for when he is using the jet washer and has been hankering after a guitar for sometime so that is a cheap 2nd hand one bought locally. He hasn't a clue how to play but now has an instruction book, his tinkering makes the dogs bark and parrot shout!
  13. dianaT

    Breakfast now served

    Phew, all done and fed.
  14. dianaT

    Saturday 7th December

    Good morning Still dark here but dry, tomorrow evening we have a yellow weather warning issues to batten down the hatches - again! After a busy day here yesterday today is tidying up time. Everyone was so kind with birthday wishes (thank you) cards and pressies as well as reaching £140 in...
  15. dianaT

    Happy Birthday Oli Fry

    :BDay::party1::BDay: (we share the same day!) @Oli Fry
  16. dianaT

    Happy Birthday Margy

    :BDay::party1::BDay:xx @Margy
  17. dianaT

    Tuesday 3rd December

    Good morning, more frost here but at least it is dry. Had call from hospital my appointment for today cancelled as the doctor is off sick....well they are allowed to be sick. Hope everyone is well.
  18. dianaT

    Monday 2nd December

    Good afternoon - where is everyone out Christmas shopping, working??? More than likely trying to keep warm too. I did pop to Home Bargains this morning and always comeback with more than I had gone in for, hubby came too so it all took twice as long! Saw chap on motorbike dressed as a snowman...
  19. dianaT

    Saturday 30th November

    Good morning Well the last day of November and a cold one too. Must order heating oil next week now the price is high! doubt any of that was offered on Black Friday deals. Did anyone have a successful Black Friday shop either in shops or on-line? Enjoy the day everyone and @Michael Reynolds...
  20. dianaT


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