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  1. Ararajuba

    So what's folks opinions on this

    Neither the design nor the sales blurb impress me at all, but besides all the modish marketing speak and interior design jargon aimed at convincing potential purchasers how fashionable and modern they will be if they acquire the cage, my favourite bit was this: This is misleading rubbish. Due...
  2. Ararajuba

    Friday 13th December

    A delivery came for wife today, which she ran out excitedly to get, because she thought it was the ceiling laundry hanger she was expecting - and expecting me to put up, on our nearly 3 metre high reinforced concrete downstairs ceiling (sigh). Anyway, the box had a picture of something that...
  3. Ararajuba

    Christmas tree

    Wife is bemused by the whole idea of a Christmas tree, as there were no such things here when she was a child. They are starting to catch on a bit lately though. The in-laws even asked if we wanted them to pick one up for us the other day. We don't know what kind they had in mind. She wasn't...
  4. Ararajuba

    Wednesday 11th December

    I had a bit more of the "Stollen" today. The other main ingredients appeared to be walnuts, crystalized papaya, and what appeared to be guava jam. Authentic German food? ;) I think this was a very local and tropical take on the Stollen recipe (I'm a bit surprised there were even walnuts!)...
  5. Ararajuba

    Wednesday 11th December

    @dianaT - I suspect the wall-to-wall media coverage is more about the following than getting into the fundamental issues: distracting the population with trivial talking points so they don't notice what the powerful are really up to; getting their hopes up for a temporary boost to public...
  6. Ararajuba

    Wednesday 11th December

    It's the election already over there? :roulette: Best thing to do with the political liars in my humble opinion is to leave aside your worries about their complete charade of an election, the results of which make no real difference to anyone but the careers of various politicians and the...
  7. Ararajuba

    Monday 9th December

    Hope you get the dog back for Christmas, @Kendra! What a bad girl to run away and go so far. In laws went off in a huff today because they think I shouldn't tell my big daughter off when she is naughty. She was pretending not to hear Daddy so that she didn't have to pick up her lego that she...
  8. Ararajuba

    Breakfast now served

    Oh well, worth a try!
  9. Ararajuba

    Breakfast now served

    The 5th wasn't for a birdie, it contained muesli topping that was due to go on a human dinner. They're so close to their birds that they like to share the birdy meals whenever they can.
  10. Ararajuba

    Can you..... Lol !

    Some of the people who attempt to transcribe lyrics on the internet should have their access taken off them. When I searched for the lyrics to see whether I'd remembered them correctly the first result included this: Ring out those bells tonight Bethlehem, Bethlehem Gollow that start tonight...
  11. Ararajuba

    Sunday 8th December

    What exciting weekends all the people who are not around must be having! All I've had is lots of rain and the wife's weird aunt next door making a fuss about our passion vine again. She appears to think it's out to get her and is going to sneak its tendrils into her house in the middle of the...
  12. Ararajuba

    Can you..... Lol !

    Just looked it up and found it was originally a popular song in the late 50s. I am indeed not that old! I must say that I had always vaguely assumed it to be a traditional carol. Should have realized it wasn't though, the language, verse structure, and sentiments are all wrong for a song from...
  13. Ararajuba

    Can you..... Lol !

    Well, I'm not that old (am I?) and I got it in about a second! We sung it in my first primary school around this time of year. I even got to be A Donkey (not that specific one, apparently I wasn't important enough, or maybe my parents didn't belong to the right local cliques) in the Nativity...
  14. Ararajuba

    Saturday 7th December

    @Yellowchickenparrot - your parrots actually like banana? Mine just pull all the peel off (they like the fact that it is yellow I suppose) tentatively taste the fruit inside, then spit it out in disgust like I have tried to poison them.
  15. Ararajuba

    Hubbys early Christmas pressies

    Well, he looks happy! How everyone else in the house will be feeling by the time he gets fed up with the guitar is a different matter! Guitar is actually quite difficult to learn beyond a beginner level, and physically quite challenging to play, particularly once you get past the first few...
  16. Ararajuba

    Friday 6th December

    Seems quiet here today (though it's probably not so quiet at Diana's place!). Lots of orders came here today including some more things that looked like they were tools for me. I asked wife if she was intending to wrap them. "No, because I wanted you to do stuff in the house before Christmas!"...
  17. Ararajuba

    Happy birthday Diana T

    Hope you've had a very happy birthday Diana! :dev14:
  18. Ararajuba

    Thursday 5th December

    @Michael Reynolds - I'm glad to hear it's beginning to heal. Let's hope the results show good news! Just after mid-day here and I`m feeling pretty worn out. Someone drew over the computer screen today with some kind of grey substance that is almost impossible to remove and makes it hard to see...
  19. Ararajuba

    Wednesday 4th December

    A little bit cooler (mid 20s) and overcast today, so we will probably be getting clouds of mosquitos or clouds that produce thunderstorms showing up and disgorging their contents everywhere any minute. We managed to miss whatever the climate has in store for us by popping out to the local shops...
  20. Ararajuba

    Monday 2nd December

    Try to get what rest you can, Michael, and watch those battle wounds when it is that cold! The last thing you need is something like frostbite.
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