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  1. Tonya

    My New Feather Baby

    Alex (theAlexandrine)Our new feather baby sorry can’t post image as it’s coming up as an error saying it’s too large?!
  2. Tonya

    Training A Moustache Parakeet

    Hi Again I’ve not been finding any information resources on training Moustache Parakeets. We’ve gotten over the initial fear stage with Chu Chu so yaay! Great that he or she is approaching us and wanting attention but has now taken to climbing up our arm to sit on our shoulder or middle of our...
  3. Tonya

    Choosing A Breed To Go With A Moustache Parakeet

    Hello Guys We have a flighted Moustache Parakeet and we are thinking of getting another parrot. I wanted to ask your advice about which breed would go best with a Stachie. It would live in a separate cage. It absolutely must be a good candidate for head scratches and good with kids. I was...
  4. Tonya

    Moustache Parakeet Biting

    Hi guys I’ve got a moustache Parakeet that came home very tame going to anyone but is now biting to the point where he’s difficult to handle. He has been with us for a week and he is 13 weeks old. I am trying to re establish trust and he took a piece of fruit from my hand today(yaay) but is...
  5. Tonya


    Hi all I’m the mum of a moustached Picasso parakeet, had two amazons as a child growing up in the Caribbean. I’m an artist and I love birds
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