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  1. KEV H

    African grey

    Can't really help never kept any information sorry
  2. KEV H


    It can work all depends on how much work and time and patience you put into it and ye will have a better bird if the training is done right.
  3. KEV H

    Looking for a greenwing macaw

    Try she has some available now highly recommend her her names rebecca
  4. KEV H

    Plucking nightmare

    How often you bathe her
  5. KEV H

    Plucking nightmare

    She was stressed coz she's bonded to you and you went on holiday and was left with some stranger Her whole routine was changed
  6. KEV H

    Parrot Behavior Help?

    What's his diet like mate certain foods can affect there moods
  7. KEV H

    Happy Birthday Dizzyblue

  8. KEV H

    Parrot Behavior Help?

    Food as treats always the best to an ammies heart
  9. KEV H

    Sunday 15th September

    Happy birthday to an amazing friend @DizzyBlue
  10. KEV H

    Hi From Staffordshire

    Massive difference in bluefront Amazon to a green cheek conure bluefront are anything but easy going specially males ye really need to learn body language on the hot 3 Amazons
  11. KEV H

    Free Cage For Collection

    Please don't consider that for your macaw
  12. KEV H

    Dull Feathers 4 Month Old Amazon

    Looking at pictures seems like a moult
  13. KEV H

    Dull Feathers 4 Month Old Amazon

    Sounds like plucking to me is there something irritating it do you mist or shower ur bird ammies love to get wet
  14. KEV H

    Congo African Grey | Pellets

    I would try Harrison's or Tops as suggested I've just tried using that p15 pellets for my macaw because the breeder said she liked them but she wouldn't touch them as for getting ur grey on one these pellets I blended them into powder and then added warm water mix it together so it's like a...
  15. KEV H

    Bump On Parrots Throat

    Northwich avian veterinary services
  16. KEV H

    Need Advice

    From my experience I'd have parent reared over handreared my 2 had zero human contact during rearing my double yellow Amazon is the tamest bird I have and all my greys are handreared but it's about how much time you put in with bird I had a bit of help from Gizmo my African grey coz the bird...
  17. KEV H

    Tomsmum - Judith Templeman

    jude you were such an amazing friendly woman someone i call a friend you were always there when i was down and always picked me up i will miss you lots R.I.P
  18. KEV H

    Holiday Home For Your Parrots

    I'd like to recommend Becks bird barn if anyone needs holiday home for their parrots in the northwest or the midlands really nice lady great set up and really cares for hers and your birds went and paid a visit today and would highly recommend her and cheap aswell I've booked my greenwing in...
  19. KEV H

    New Baby Greenwing

    Ye I know what ye mean it's really scary I probably won't have the guts to let her off as you say very risky probably just keep harness on but it is my dream to do it ye can use gps on them aswell watch mikey the macaw on YouTube he's in London videos are brilliant he's a free flying blue and...
  20. KEV H


    Sorry can't help there person I got her from isn't on here
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