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  1. Toggsy

    Posh Pigeons

    For those who haven't seen BBC's  documentary on Wild Ringnecks living in London and surrounding areas the numbers quoted are staggering
  2. Toggsy

    Hide And Seek

    Mango,the Kakariki likes to play hide and seek she was very quiet and it took us little while to find her she had gone down the side of chest of drawers which bluebells cage is on. Tried to get a snap of it this is the best I could get as it's quite dark and my iPad doesn't take good photos...
  3. Toggsy

    AA weather warning

    SEVERE WEATHER WARNING !!!! The AA have warned anyone travelling in icy  and snowy conditions should take a shovel, blankets/sleeping bag, extra clothing (including scarf, hat and gloves), 24hr supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, torch, spare battery, petrolcan, first aid kit and...
  4. Toggsy

    Celebs who have you met

    So who have you met that's famous Ive met the following people. Divina  McColl she was staying in the hotel  where my brother was working Toyah Wilcox met her backstage after one of concerts Noel Edmonds seen him in home base shopping TBH we see Noel around quite a bit as deal or no...
  5. Toggsy

    If only I known about this place sooner

    Would of saved me a lot of hassle 
  6. Toggsy

    Is this safe to give to the birds

    Whilst shopping in Tescos  I spotted some small snack packets of dried  veg on the veg aisle are these OK to offer to the birds Ive checked the labelling and can't see any harmful ingredients other than however iit may contain milk ...
  7. Toggsy

    Asda prank call

    If this isn't allowed please remove but found this on you tube a while and every time it has me in fits of laughter
  8. Toggsy

    A few items for sale

    Blackberry on orange  Eggs box 360 all in full working in order open to offers
  9. Toggsy

    Weekly chat room quiz night part 2

    Wanted to put it all in one thread but it wouldn't allow me so I've had to make a second thread to cover time to start the quiz
  10. Toggsy

    Weekly chat room quiz night

    We have the chat room facility but hardly anyone uses it thought it would be a nice idea to try and get a weekly quiz night  going. How it would work is an agreed time and day for the quiz to  begin and commence. Then a series of questions will be posted and allotted time to be given to...
  11. Toggsy

    Water feeders

    Is it a Ringneck thing as the other birds don't do it but has anyone got any ideas or solution on how to stop my 2 Ringnecks pooing in their water no mater where you postion the dishes they will crap in it but at the same time  they seem to avoid the food dishes 
  12. Toggsy

    Another rescue

    We just  rescued this poor fellow tonight ( free to collect) as you can see it's not in the best of conditions and it's missing rather a lot feathers and apparently it's a feather plucker  so this will need working with, we've already trimmed its nails where they were so over grown but these...
  13. Toggsy

    Some good news and some bad news

    First the bad news over the new year celebrations we lost a few of our aviary birds due to night frights caused through fireworks  being set off, we had a load fireworks set off over the back of us and also out the front of us. We ending up we losing 3 budgies a Java sparrow and a one of our...
  14. Toggsy

    Feeling chuffed

    Made real progress with CoCo one of our Indian Ringnecks today. Ive managed to get her stepping up on to my arm which was promptly followed by her stepping up on to my hand yes she did have a little nibble  on my finger and a squawk which was totally ignored So I thought I would try to...
  15. Toggsy

    Christmas Wishes Thread 2015

    Wishing you all a very merry Xmas and a happy new Nick & Lucy 
  16. Toggsy


    Next year I'm hoping to add some kakarkis and possibly some grass parakeets like bourses to the budgie and cockatiel aviary. Well these birds mix ok or am I likely to have problems 
  17. Toggsy

    Our Budgie and cockatiel

    This is our cockatiel and budgie aviary most of it was built from reclaimed timber
  18. Toggsy

    Our aviary build (pic heavy)

    Thought I would share some pics of the finch,dove and Canary aviary flight I built this autumn. We had some wasted space at the back of main aviary shed so decided to make use of this space by putting a smaller flight in for the finches. I'll post some pics of the budgie and cockatiel...
  19. Toggsy


    Like most people I use paper on the bottom of the cages was wondering if I could cut some Lino to size and use that as I've got some  spare Lino left over would it be safe for the birds 
  20. Toggsy


    After posting the pic of the reliant in the tree, it did bring  back memory's of what we used to get up to in our late teens  which involved a lot of drink and  a 3 wheeler, on a very regular basis this was around the late 80s early 90s. Anyone who remembers the reliants will remember how...
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