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    Warfarin hasn't been used in the control of rats in many years it was a first generation poison over used by farmers however they still use in control of grey squirrel again another introduced species. They moved on to the second generation poisons brodifacoum, difenacoum  (klearat and...
  2. Toggsy

    Definition Of A Welfare Case - Debate

    Here's a reasonable question. As you know I rescued a Kakariki that was in an appalling state but who takes responsibility for her condition should the bird take a turn for the worse and die Whilst she's improving all the time she's far from perfect and still looks ragged I can report...
  3. Toggsy

    Swing For Senegal

    What about one of these
  4. Toggsy

    Posh Pigeons

    Now you know where my caption entry came from ??
  5. Toggsy

    Hide And Seek

    She's also a great escape artist she will rattle the food dish door flap until the latch moves and the door opens little mo she's got out a few times now Shes certainly come out of her shell and come on in leaps and bounds since we've had her, she's still very nervous especially of hands but...
  6. Toggsy

    Posh Pigeons

    For those who haven't seen BBC's  documentary on Wild Ringnecks living in London and surrounding areas the numbers quoted are staggering
  7. Toggsy

    Caption Competition 28

    "What do you mean I'm a pest I'll have you know I'm a posh pigeon"
  8. Toggsy

    Hide And Seek

    So it's a Kakariki thing then ?
  9. Toggsy

    Hide And Seek

    This is her latest hiding spot 
  10. Toggsy

    Hide And Seek

    She hasn't chewed it luckily 
  11. Toggsy

    Hide And Seek

    Mango,the Kakariki likes to play hide and seek she was very quiet and it took us little while to find her she had gone down the side of chest of drawers which bluebells cage is on. Tried to get a snap of it this is the best I could get as it's quite dark and my iPad doesn't take good photos...
  12. Toggsy

    Saturday 30th Jan

    Thanks for all the well wishes feeling much better now just slight sore throat 
  13. Toggsy

    Free Barbara Hendreich free training webminar

    Link doesn't appear to be working for me I'm using an iPad to watch it 
  14. Toggsy

    Thursday 28th Jan

    Yesterday I spent about 95% of it in bed still not right but feel better than I did (ive only one kidney so when I come down with anything it wipes me out) hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal 
  15. Toggsy

    Weds 27th January

    Feeling like death warmed up so back to bed for me I think 
  16. Toggsy

    New ring neck owner

    Also when your talking to him/her use  their name as frequently as you can For example first thing in the morning say "Good Mornfng Ringo" and  you can use phrases like "what you doing Ringo" "is Ringo clever"  whilst it's repetitive it helps familrize your voice.
  17. Toggsy

    Untamed ringneck parrot

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I also keep Ringnecks and as already pointed out they are super intelligent but also quick learners but also very wary birds and building trust with them takes time.  I had the exact same problems with mine they were sods for going back in their cage used to...
  18. Toggsy

    Celebs who have you met

    Can anyone remember dotty the Ring tailed Lemur  ?
  19. Toggsy


    Working ok for me I've just uploaded this quickly just to check but I'm using the apple app so it might me different
  20. Toggsy

    Saturday 23rd Jan

    Do you have Netflix nigalius ? There's some good horrors on there at the moment, I like all that sort of genre. I watched Human Centipede first segment  the other day got 2 and 3 still to watch but it's not for the faint hearted but if you like Saw and Hostel it's right up your street 
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