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  1. Budgie related: which food is good for budgie

    Thank you for this It's a great help. I did see a list of food for parrots in the forum but it said parrot so didn't think it applied to budgies.
  2. Budgie related: which food is good for budgie

    What fruit and veg do budgie prefer ? How often would you feed fruit and veg ? My dad's budgie loved lettuce but got told not to give it every day , just once a week! Cuttle fish is ordered, iodine block I'll have to by from pets 4 u The place I ordered the budgie food didn't seem to sell...
  3. Budgie related: do budgie like toys?

    Yes I came across that I almost bought it but then changed my mind Just thought was a bit expensive
  4. Budgie related: which food is good for budgie

    I've placed an order for this food Seems local pet stores and pets 4 u don't stock this particular one This seems to have alot of good reviews The other food the person mentioned a few shop sites said it's for using sparringley so I didn't look at it But thanks guys
  5. Budgie related: do budgie like toys?

    Thanks guys I just went a bit crazy and got carried away last night!!! ordered so many bloody toys These are just some of them X 3 And 2 X ladders I didn't know causing a mess is classed as toys!! Shredded paper etc Might have to do that at some point then to keep him entertained...
  6. Budgie related: do budgie like toys?

    Oh that's a first, everyone normally suggest to put a mirror in for a single budgie I'm not really sure what type of toys a bird would like Beads on a string ?? Swing ? Bells? Something that they can slide about ??
  7. Fish Tank Question ....

    Just to clarify nothing in the filter ?? If there is no corps or anything to be seen then it has to be the snails As they would a sort everything leaving nothing behind As for the dwarfs they look small in size ? But do they have a big mouth ??? If not then that's defo out the question aswell...
  8. share a shower

    Hi Yes please that would be a great help. I kind of know how you have done it but it's just the minor things like how many holes , and position of the holes etc etc So you don't fill it up with Luke warm water then just cold ?? And is it not out all the time then ? How often do you switch it...
  9. Fish Tank Question ....

    Hello pal, All the fish that you have together are community fish defo will not eat each other Neon and glow light tetra are very similar in size. If you are hundred percent sure that there is no tiny hole or even an access for the fish to possibly jump out as tetras are known to jump then I...
  10. Budgie related: do budgie like toys?

    I am thinking of making / having a small area in my room where "night" my budgie can go and play I'm curious wether it is worth doing as I am not sure wether budgies like playing with toys? If they do then what kind of toys should I get for him! So far I have all ready put 2 pirch stick in...
  11. Budgie related - My budgie itches / bites his body quite alot latley

    Didn't really think about potential hazards in the room I'll have to double think s out that then, but he will certainly be out when I'm home As for a larger cage - money isn't an issue to be honest £100 for the huge cage I thought that was a bargain!! But it's massive , there's no way I...
  12. Budgie related - My budgie itches / bites his body quite alot latley

    Thank you for that The diagrams and your description makes sense. But my dad has 2 budgies down stairs and they are not clipped and they do the same thing. So just a little confused
  13. Budgie related - My budgie itches / bites his body quite alot latley

    Only purchased this cage from the met a day ago Came all with it , I know it's a bit small too but it's only going to be hopefully the night The rest of the day he's going to be free in my room
  14. Budgie related - My budgie itches / bites his body quite alot latley

    Both the videos are the same , one is just a longer version. Sadly yes he is, I purchased h last week said he's a baby / a young juvenile and the breeder said he has clipped his wings Because when ever he flies he would bang straight into the patio doors all the time, Said he had 1 bird die...
  15. Budgie related: which food is good for budgie

    Hi all I would like to know which type of food is best for budgie or which budgie food to buy Something that has plenty of vitamins, helps the bird to grow healthy have good feathers and the colours of the feathers to be vibrant Basically to be at optimum health My dad only feeds his budgies...
  16. Budgie related - My budgie itches / bites his body quite alot latley

    How strange I just clicked both of the links and they are playing Anyone else can't seem to watch the video ? It's a YouTube clip
  17. share a shower

    Hey yeh sure where is your question or what is it ? I'll try to help
  18. Budgie related - My budgie itches / bites his body quite alot latley

    Just managed to record him Hope you guys are able to watch the videos I know it's hard to judge just from a video but I thought I'd show it to show how intense he's itching
  19. share a shower

    I'm sure she does, and me well I'm new to actually keeping my own budgie My dad keeps them so I know what needs to be done , how to care etc but this is my very own who stays in my bedroom lol I know about algae as I am really into my marine and freshwater fish I just wasn't sure if it would...
  20. share a shower

    That is awesome I'm gonna have to make something like that for my budgie I assume you've got holes in the lid for the water to drop back into the tub? Where a outs have you made the holes and how many ? The water has gone green algae isn't that bad for them ??
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