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  1. Tulio


    Hi guys! If possible I would like any advice from you about WATER. I am not sure if tap water is Ok for my parrots or if mineral water is better (If mineral water, wich brand?) Thank you very much. Túlio xxx
  2. Tulio

    Hi Guys!

    I am trying to find a baby Umbrella Cockatoo. Any advice where could I find one?
  3. Tulio

    Parrot Certificate.

    Hi, Guys. I got a new bird to my flock - Turquoise-fronted Amazon. The bird is closed ring and the seller gave me a "Hatch Certificate" But I just forgot to check If I would need any other document or certificate in general. So I would like to know if any of you can help me telling if is...
  4. Tulio

    What About Meeting Up!

    Hi guys! The parrot world is really big and very interesting. Those of us who are interested in birds and in providing the best for our animals are always looking for new and good information. So what about we start to think about to meeting up with people who share the same interest? I...
  5. Tulio

    Free Flying

    Hello Guys! Any of you know someone or maybe practice free flying with your birds? I am very interested, saw some professionals in America (Online) but before starting to practice that modality I would like to know a bit more from who knows or practice it already. Thanks a lot. Tulio.
  6. Tulio

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Tulio, I am from Brazil and I just moved to Gloucestershire 2 months ago. I am not very new member here since I joined this club around 3 months ago but I just saw the possibility to introduce myself now. First of all - Sorry about my English. I am still learning. :emoji_blush: So I...
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