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  1. Aquarium ... Sort Of!

    Haha aww that’s quite cute, for her not for the shrimp😅 Good to know she doesn’t like chewing on the glass.
  2. Aquarium ... Sort Of!

    I love those moss balls with the pebbles and sand. I’ve got a planted tank with Cherries and Amanos - two have jumped ship so I’m sorting some acrylic for the top. My cherries breed like crazy, I started with 8 and I now have [unknown] lol. Does anyone’s bird take a fancy to the tanks? Just had...
  3. New and Bird-less

    That’s an interesting idea about being a safe house. I’m in Manchester, I don’t suppose there’s any decent rescues up my end of the country? I can’t drive so I would be relying on my dad for transport. I’ve seen a couple while looking and didn’t even consider something like that. Thank you,
  4. New and Bird-less

    That’s both heart breaking and a wonderful story. He sounds like a wonderful bird, a kind of bond I’d like to have. do you think he’ll ever vocalise again? I’ve always wondered about plucking- are certain feathers likely to grow back?
  5. Working Full Time

    Thank you very much it does, very much so. The thought of them shouting at passing people and cats made me smile 😃 I’m actually still at home - well, back at home - and while saving for my forever home one thought I’d had was a bird room and aviary. I’d looked at the batting nets and hope I...
  6. New and Bird-less

    I can’t help noticing your picture ❤️ one thing I’m wrestling with is the thought of the birds people have given up on and the possible diets and issues that may be under the surface versus a younger bird. What was your next step after the planning phase I’m in. I’ve noticed in the rescues there...
  7. New and Bird-less

    Thank you for all the welcome messages :) I’ve got a few questions lined up. Just posted one now 🤭 :-)
  8. Working Full Time

    Hi everyone, I’ve not got a bird just yet but I wanted to see how other people manage their time. As it stands I’m leaning towards an African Grey. My neighbour had one years ago when I was a kid and I’ve been fond of them ever since. Needless to say they no longer have one. I don’t know the...
  9. New and Bird-less

    Thank you, I’m open to any species at the moment :) I’ve got a few questions I’m going to post separately as my intro started as a bit of a long one! Might be more useful to other people in my situation as seperate threads too :)
  10. LOST Bird Parrot, Parakeet - Manchester Greater Manchester M40 - 16 Oct 2020

    Where abouts? I’m in moston and back onto the clough, near Moston Lane.
  11. New and Bird-less

    Hi all, I’ve been thinking about getting a bird recently. I’ve had a budgie and cockatiel indoors and budgies in an aviary when I was a kid but I’ve always wanted a parrot. My dogs and cat have all died now so I’ve been pet free for a couple of years. I’m doing my research because I don’t...
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