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  1. Michael Reynolds

    Do not tease your parrot

  2. Michael Reynolds

    Monday 12 October

    dull but dry in Kent, been a little busy lately, Collected a macaw from Barret's for Steve Duck (Yav) last week that he has called Ruby, I hope you all are ok and staying safe the photos of Ruby and Fred with steve
  3. Michael Reynolds


    I have taken on Conner a Hahns ten days ago, he was Hatched in march 1979, He was not a house bird but mainly lived in an aviary, I was told he will bite and attack and this I found to be true at first, well giving I wanted to build up trust and a relationship I started training him from the...
  4. Michael Reynolds

    Nebuliser at Lidl

    i have noticed that Lidl are selling a nebuliser at £24.99 from Sunday 27th September, its the plug in model but always handy to have for your self or your bird. it a when they are gone they are gone deal. they also have a blood pressure monitor for 17.99 and a Pulsa Oximeter at 14.99. I...
  5. Michael Reynolds

    Wild life threads

    We all love your brilliant photos of wild life So I thought it will be good to have a separate section than other animals and pets, this may encourage other members to join in,, what d you think @DizzyBlue
  6. Michael Reynolds

    Tuesday 25th August

    God morning all, dull and wet start to the day. birds are being extra loud and that is unusual on dull days, I took Jackie and Ellie to Yav's yesterday although it was a long day it was an enjoyable day as well. came back with a few eggs. only cleaning planed for today so I hope you all...
  7. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 23rd August

    Good morning all, the weather is still a little blowy but dry at the moment with heavy showers predicted, Birds had me up before first light and are very active with calling and flying around. I had a few birds in my Bedroom this morning jumping on me, Gilbert slept next to me last night and...
  8. Michael Reynolds

    The experiment

    As some of you know I have been helping Yav and taken on Fred and Gilbert Jnr as there mother was plucking them. well they are both weaned and although Gilbert Jnr did land badly a few weeks ago he is now using both legs being that he still has a slight limp. There Dad Gilbert a yellow napped...
  9. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 5th August

    Good morning all, it dose not seam that long ago when I started the last morning thread. well its a sunny start in Kent and having all the chances of remaining that way for the rest of the day. first bird awake this morning was Sahara my jandaya but this makes a change from the tiels that are...
  10. Michael Reynolds

    Tuesday 4th August

    Good morning, evening and night all rolled into one to you all, I had just noticed that no morning post was started so I thought I best to start one although its now 9:30 in the evening, its been a lovely day although a little cloud at times the sun kept it warm at 22 degrees, my flock are all...
  11. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 2nd August

    Good morning all, its another sunny start in Kent. at the moment there is a large group of ringnecks on the farm I was up earl and counted around 200. they are now flying in to the tree of my next door neighbour that is directly next to my garden. they have taken up residence for the last...
  12. Michael Reynolds

    Saturday 1st August

    yes its a new month and coming closer to Christmas. well its going to be another hot day so take care out side. I am going to a local boot fair with my neighbour but not planning to buy any thing. birds are all in good voice this morning I think the sun has got to them as it shines through...
  13. Michael Reynolds

    Thursday 30th July

    Good morning all, its a sunny day in Kent and all the flock are sounding out in full voice. Gilbert is starting to stand better and is trying to walk again but he is a true cuddle bunny and try's to follow me where ever I go. I have to be a bit careful keeping one eye on the ground just in...
  14. Michael Reynolds

    Saturday 25th July

    Good morning all, its aa grey start to the day. birds are quite this morning . just going to give them all a shower. have not got a lot planed apart from cleaning and sorting. oh I will be sorting the water filter pluming that in. have a good day all
  15. Michael Reynolds

    Wednesday 22nd July

    Good morning all, a bright and sunny day in Kent. Birds are all very active and flying about having there race, the babies are both resting at the moment but they had me up at three this morning. may get some of the flock in the garden soon as I will be out side jet washing their cages...
  16. Michael Reynolds

    Monday 13th July

    Good morning everyone, its a bright and sunny start in the garden of England. Birds are all fed and watered, just got to water my self with a cuppa tea shortly. birds are all talking and chirping away in the other rooms, I will be going out later to check up on a friends flat as he is in a...
  17. Michael Reynolds

    Baby Ammie Chatter

    I may be taking on an old boy, who is over forty years old, the lady that is currently looking after him cannot handle him and she only took him on to find a new home as the original keeper has gone into a home, I will be paying for him but I think I can give him a good life and he likes me I...
  18. Michael Reynolds

    Sunday 12th July

    Good morning every one, looks another pleasant day out, Was up again very early and I left frank and gilbert asleep while a took my neighbour to Maidstone, I have just finished feeding them and they are now playing in my cabinet together. they each came over for a cuddle. have to feed the...
  19. Michael Reynolds

    Saturday 11th July

    Good morning all, its a sunny start to what looks like a lovely day, Birds are all fed and watered and now in full volume and extra active. I have noticed how the mornings are slowly getting darker as my flock are waking up a little later each day. I have a day of mainly being indoors so I am...
  20. Michael Reynolds

    Thursday 9th July

    Good morning all. a wet start again:rain:in Kent, birds are all quiet as they are busy munching. out for most of the day so I hope you all have a good one, stay safe
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