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  1. Roz

    How much does my head weigh?

    How much does my eye weigh?... How much does my beak weigh?... How much does my head weigh?... And all of me?...
  2. Roz

    Video of Kobe talking

    Took this video just before putting Kobe to bed tonight. He was excited at the thought of his bed time almond pieces but also showing a bit of nesty behaviour. You may be able to catch him saying, "You're a funny old thing!" He's moulting which is why he has a spikey face and two missing tail...
  3. Roz

    We Have A Clear Nostril At Last!!

    It rained and rained yesterday. Ollie was in the aviary and seemed to enjoy every part of it. First there was leaf bathing in the strawberries... Then leaf bathing in the bamboo... And lastly Boing bathing... Result: We have a nostril with a hole!!!! :tmnt:The right nostril as you...
  4. Roz

    Chewin' Bark And Findin' The Deck Monster...

    Ollie was in the aviary today. He made a beeline to the apple branch and started ripping the bark off and eating it Then it was hole inspection time.... He is just fascinated at what he can see down there... "OMG I think I see the deck monster!!!!" :yikes:
  5. Roz

    Shower Day On The Hottest Easter Weekend!

    It is hot, hot, hot here in the UK. The birds were begging for showers.... er, except for Chico. This was the first time Bobbie had a shower in the aviary. She wasn't sure about it at first, but Ollie showed her an outdoor shower is something to celebrate! Bobbie first.... "Yes, it's me!"...
  6. Roz

    By Jove, I Think She's Got It!

    I've been teaching Bobbie to turn circles following a target. Then I added the visual cue (my circling finger) and gradually faded out the target. And last night, Ladies and Gentlemen, Bobbie turns a circle with the cue only! :aaaaa: It's only taken like 9,000 months!! :biggrin:
  7. Roz

    How Have You Parrot Proofed Your Home?

    Having just had to add vet wrap and newspaper to deter Kobe and Bobbie from biting great chunks out of Chico's platform.... .... it got me wondering what sort of alterations everyone else has made to their homes either to protect their parrot(s) or to protect their home. Here are some of...
  8. Roz

    Some Flying Pics Of Ollie

    I am determined to get better at flying pics. Here are the latest few of Ollie the Orange-winged Amazon.
  9. Roz

    Kobe Is The First To Try Out The New Swing...

    He is pretty fearless with some things and a complete wuss with others. :biggrin: Yet he's TERRIFIED of these dog pee mats that I use in Chico's cage! Only this colour/pattern - he's fine about the other ones I have.
  10. Roz

    Kobe's Descent...

    He changed his mind and was hovering in that last pic before flying back to his cage. :pancarta: And yes, all the papers went flying with the down draught!
  11. Roz

    The Excitable Kobe Chatting Up A Storm

  12. Roz

    He's Behind You!

    Ollie loves Kobe. This was taken after they had been sitting side by side about 2 inches apart. They were mirroring each other's body language, then when Kobe closed his eyes and skritched his head with his foot, Ollie looked at him, leaned over and gently started preening his cheek and head...
  13. Roz

    Shower Day!!!

    They all loved it... Except for Chico... He cheered up later....
  14. Roz

    Ollie And Chico Play Together For The First Time!

    Was on the alert to break up any brawls with my bare hands. Thankfully none happened. Was stunned when Ollie (Orange-winged Amazon - closest to the camera) hopped in to see what the disabled Chico (Panama Amazon) was up to. I wasn't worried for Chico as Ollie is a gentle bird. Was worried for...
  15. Roz

    Bobbie Targets A Chopstick

    ... after eating some sweet potato! She will travel long distances to target the chopstick. Targeting is a useful behaviour to teach. You can get a "cage aggressive" bird to target away from the food bowl or the door.
  16. Roz

    Chico Has A New Toy!

    Because Chico is almost blind, sound is important to him. He loves his new toy!
  17. Roz

    Ollie Loves The Aviary

    Ollie loves the aviary... even in the winter. He's asked to go out for the last few days, despite the cold.
  18. Roz

    Ollie Got Weighed

    Weighed Ollie yesterday. I put the scales on the floor where he usually likes to hang out, in the hope that he might get used to them, or even step on them. He did indeed step on them and I could switch them on. The hardest part was to entice him off before the scales switched themselves off...
  19. Roz

    What Is Happening To Kobe's Primaries?

    What do you think is happening to Kobe's primary feathers? I've collected these from a few moults (they aren't from just one moult). The first two primaries on each wing seem to always have a chunk taken out of them. I was wondering if he was hitting them maybe on take off or landing... or is he...
  20. Roz

    Bobbie Enjoying The Aviary (or Spot The Ollie Contest!)

    Thanks for the great idea of wheeling the java stand outside, @Sarah-Jane ! This was the first time Bobbie was happy to stay outside for over an hour. Ollie thought the whole thing was very amusing...
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