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  1. Paulmk


    Had to take Annie my grey to vets for a blood and faecal tests, has she has recently started plucking herself,she started on her legs first then her chest. we decided on full tests because we lost my other grey Lara a few months ago. The tests cost £260 and we get the results back on tuesday...
  2. Paulmk

    Bean Mix

    My Annie loves the beanmix that you soak from tidymix, she likes hers when i soak the mix for 12 hours then boil it for about 20mins. How often should i be feeding this, she also has a low sunflower seed mix and will always eat her fruit and veg but the beanmix is her favorite. I am not sure how...
  3. Paulmk

    Tinned Fruit

    Our 3 greys have really gone of there fruit and veg for the last 2 weeks,so yesterday i got them a tin of fruit cocktail in juice to try and they cleared there bowls,anyone else use tinned fruit. I did make sure it was in juice not syrup,however cleaning it off of the cage bars was yukky!!!!!!!!.
  4. Paulmk


    Hi, just looking on scarlett parrot shop and i cant find the postage costs anywhere,anyone know how much postage is and do you get free postage over a certain amount.
  5. Paulmk

    Misting And Showering

    I have 3 greys and 2 like to go in the shower but 1 is a plucker and will only tolerate a misting from a spray bottle. How often do you bathe your greys,also TJ the plucker is starting to get sore again and im wondering if there is anything i can add to the water to soothe her skin.
  6. Paulmk

    Lara At Vets

    For the last few years one of my greys as often got a blocked nostril,she starts to breath really heavy and her tail bobs. She has had all tests done at avian vets and is otherwise fine. Today she had the same happen but this time she was making wierd panting noise and we got worried so she was...
  7. Paulmk

    Complete Pellet Food

    My greys have never tried pellets,i think 1 of them would like them but the other2 are always wary of new foods,took them weeks before they would touch chop.Now the problem is what pellets do i try as there are so many types.
  8. Paulmk

    Avian Lights

    Today i connected up the lights for my greys,just wondering how long do people leave there lights on a day.All my birds go to bed about 8pm and are uncovered at 6-30am. TJ who is a plucker and is in the living room with us and the other 2 are in there own birdroom.
  9. Paulmk

    New to chop

    I made up my 1st chop mix 3days ago,i added red pepper,broccoli,courgette,green beans,carrot and i have sprinkled crushed nuts onto it when feeding.I give each grey about a tablespoon full in the morning and i have also sprinkled alittle of there seed and mixed this in.At the moment it is not...
  10. Paulmk

    Vitamin A

    My Lara has started to leave her veg recently,and i am wondering what i can give her that is rich in vit A,
  11. Paulmk

    New here

    Hi,just found this site and joined.I have 3 african greys Lara 10yrs,TJ 8yrs and Annie 6yrs, sadly we lost our old man Charlie 40+yrs back in january.To add to our household we also have a german shepherd,a staffie and 2 horses.
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