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  1. Latindancer

    Parrot Slave With A Heavy Cold

    hi all Some advice please, I have come down with a really heavy cold within the last 24 hours, very similar to flu. I’m worried I may give it to Scruffy my Mealy Amazon, is this possible? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated, as I can be a bit of a worrier.
  2. Latindancer

    African Grey Parrot For Sale On Ebay

    Morning, sad news in my never ending shopping quest I’ve found African Grey Parrots for Sale on ebay listed this morning for £450 and £200 I’ve reported them both - can our forum members please also report...
  3. Latindancer

    Adoption Hopeful

    Hi everyone What a fantastic forum and information resource this place is, I’m a little concerned that the more time I spend here researching, the more that parrot owning could become a serious addiction. Sorry about my poor etiquette I should probably have come here first to introduce...
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