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    Saturday 28th November

    Every day feels the same to be honest even though I'm in a low tier we don't go anywhere or do anything other than the odd walk. Wifey has decided she wants me to decorate the kids play room before Xmas, why o why do I start getting through my list to just have more added.
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    Berts not well

    Big relief you have insurance, I hope you get a call and know what's wrong with the chap.
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    My London Cheesecake

    Not what I was expecting Di but then I didn’t know what a London cheese cake was.
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    Berts not well

    Please be ok Bert daddy wants you home
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    Thursday 26th Nov

    Morning guys, really really cold here but a degree or two off a frost this morning. I have been doing a few bits in the garden and trying to finish up some jobs so I don't have things looming over Xmas. Just look at this pic my wife took down the beach. I feel blessed to live by the sea it's in...
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    Berts not well

    Thinking of you bud, make sure you get some sleep tonight so your not exhausted tomorrow. Fingers crossed
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    Berts not well

    O no so sorry to hear this @Scott199
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    Hello I'm a new Ringneck owner

    Welcome @HannahT lovely to see you took stitch and are going to give him a good life. I can't add much to the info you have already been given, just go slowly and build trust.
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    Saturday 21st November 2020

    Vimto is ok just needs some eye drops luckily, for a old rabbit he’s in good health. Sorry to hear you need more ops Michael look after yourself and those birds.
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    Saturday 21st November 2020

    O yuck flying saucers, like eating paper. Vimto the rabbit at vets he seems a bit poorly but he came to us with a few issues and he's really old, we are just hoping he can get better.
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    OMG! Inhumane Treatment content warning

    Can’t even look at this sh*t
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    Bites From Parrots - Warning Graffic Photo's

    Well with my mechanical & engineering background I have seen it all and been hurt myself a few times. BUT OWWWW that looks nasty the skin there is thin & sensitive Owwwww, that wasn't a warning nip that was a kill bite lol , bloody parrots who'd have them.
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    New fish

    Can't believe it my discus has laid eggs over night
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    New fish

    Flash pleco eats algae & wood may nibble on a bit of meat. Mouth on bottom with small teeth like bristles to chew wood etc. Very shy but a joy when he pops out
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    New fish

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