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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    i have tried putting toys in one at a time, he completely ignores them for well over a month until it’s covered in dust. If he has a toy in an area of his cage he won’t use that part of his cage. I tried hanging stuff on the outside but again wouldn’t go near them. He’s definitely not scared of...
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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    Bilbo is no trouble at all he was a rescue so I kinda knew his personality a bit, however he was in a bad way under weight and very depressed. He's now one spoilt parrot and looking much better. You never know what a bird is going to be like or be like with you.
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    Bird Flu back again

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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    Yes he’s a ow
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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    Before anyone comments on how cruel I am not giving Bilbo loads of toys he is not interested one bit and they just get in his way. He loves the space and his rope that's all he likes.
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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    The Georgia is a nice cage that also fits through most door ways
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    Help me to decide on which parrot, please.

    Grey's can be very destructive around the home and need lots of time, toys and attention. You never know what your going to get a crazy bird that drives you mad or one that's boring and just sits there.
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    Hi and welcome
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    Monday 6th July

    Morning everyone bit crazy here as normal I suppose. Lots of garden maintenance to get on with and some jobs on the house I have been putting off but need to do before winter. Hope everyone is ok
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    App called Seek

    Very geeky lol
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    More Cherub photo's!!!!

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    Happy Birthday Zoe

    Happy birthday
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    Wednesday 1st July

    Morning everyone dull but dry at the moment. Bit worried as I spoke to the guy who owns the two campsites down the road and he has said there will be 600 people coming to stay over two days! He has told the police that the single village road won't cope and there may be serious congestion for...
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    Steam Thread (boring)

    I have been slowly making the cab and running boards for my loco, it's fiddly work
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    Parrotlets... Underrated?

    Ha ha brilliant
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