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    Thanks for the advice.
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    I'm glad I posted on here. Appreciate the advice and reassurances. I will see how she gets on and hopefully we can have a long and healthy future together.
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    Thanks for the advice.
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    Yes that's my worry. I've been with her for such a long time. I'd be mortified if anything happened to her especially knowing I caused it with the rehoming.
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    Thanks, that does.
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    Also Michael how much of an affect does rehoming have on an African grey in your experience?
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    I would like to keep her, its just understanding the long term affects on her having limited attention etc. If you feel I should hang in there and see how it goes I don't mind. In a way I'm trying to take precaution before she does start changing because of me not being around etc.
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    She is 10 in August. And I am aware of the gifting certificate. Can I ask, is there anyway of future proofing her not being sold on?
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    Thank you. Yep very very difficult. BTW sorry I piggybacked on this thread. Happy to start a new one if needs be.
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    Hi guys, I would love to keep her, however, its just not fair on her anymore. I have started a new job, 2 very young children and will also be moving home shortly. As much as I'd like to give her the time I just can't unfortunately. I am based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. I don't wish to sell...
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    Hi Carolyn, Are you still interested in rehoming? I have an African grey I may be rehoming. Thanks
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