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    Hello and welcome - you hanger found an excellent forum with bags of advice and support.
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    Advice please

    Dora often snaffles pieces of raw butternut squash etc, but doesn't seem to have any bad effects on her.
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    Saturday 16th January 2021

    That's OK then 🙂
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    Saturday 16th January 2021

    Don't know if I have missed anything but had anybody heard from @Ararajuba recently?
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    Happy Gotcha day Arthur

    Lovely pics, Happy Birthday Arthur
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    Saturday 16th January 2021

    hello all, freezing again here today at -5, but then due to get to 10 later. I hope the car situation is soon sorted @DizzyBlue, getting on a bike after many years isnt recommended in bad weather like that - youll go skidding down the road. The humidity meters are good @Beaky - we bought one to...
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    Thursday 14th January 2021

    Another mizzley grey day, half expecting another lock down so we took a trip to buy some material this morning before we aren't able to buy non essentials. That means Dora will have had 3 car drives this week. Good to hear from Michael that he is back and that all is well. Now time to heal. Take...
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    Wednesday 13th January

    Afternoon all, Good to hear that Michael should be going home - then he needs to be sure to take it easy! Damp and dull but not too cold here, made marmalade from excess citrus yesterday, Dora stuffed her little tum with soaked chickpeas then greedy little thing snaffled a piece of noodle - too...
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    Tuesday 12th January

    Hello folks, A bit milder today after an extremely cold (-6.6) yesterday, a bit damp and drear now. Loss of internet all day yesterday when they were tree/branch cutting up the lane, a nuisance as it knocks out the phone too but somehow nice not to feel the need to look for messages. I hope the...
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    Hi im new

    Welcome to the forum from me and Dora.
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    Sunday 10th January

    Very cold here too, -5 but the air is so dry there isn't any frost to be seen. Could do with buying extra drinkers for the chickens, but the only place I can find the ones I like is in the UK and Brexit means they have had to suspend EU sales as they aren't yet sure about the changes for export...
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    Saturdy 9th January 2021

    I too have still got unopened stollen cake @dianaT and @DizzyBlue 🤣
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    Thursday 7th January 2021

    Thanks for the update, give him my best wishes when you next speak to him. 👍👍
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    Thursday 7th January 2021

    Hello all, -2 when I first went out at 8, then it got colder! But the sun has come through so supposed to reach 3 degrees later. Steri strips are great and l once held a nasty gash together that should have been stitched, but sorry to hear that you arent healing well. We missed the shenanigans...
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    Wednesday 6th January 2021

    Hello folks, chilly here max 2 degrees. Spent a little time out with the cold and found one has a sore foot - can't see anything but it feels a little warmer than the other, hoping she has just sprained it. Like Blue her appetite is good. I did a bit of woodturning long time ago when I was in...
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