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    Thank you, we have separate the parents from the babies, the mum and dad are in a cage together and babies in the main cage. The guy who I bought parents from will be having babies soon. Will jet wash main cage, and put parents back in... no more babies its hard work.
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    He is a breeder, plus I dont want to have the responsibility of selecting who can have them. As for dad he is chasing and nipping at this one bird, he wont let this baby near the mum. Hubby has witnessed this tonight and decided to split for tonight. The birds are feeding on own and...
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    The person I bought the kaks from is happy to have the babies now as they are eating and drinking.. The dad is picking on the one who looks like him... I'm not liking it. So do I separate the dad from the family?
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    They still getting fed by parents but are eating and drinking themselves aswell
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    How old does the chicks have to be to be separated from parents the dad is being a little of a bully to some of the babies He seems to have one that is his favourite.
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    Thanku all for your advice, I am so glad I found u guys. we let the parents back in this morning , the noise they made was like a riot kicked off in my house, i have again cleaned there cage, sprayed them with the a anti plucking spray may i add it's in my mouth right now urghhh , new toys...
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    No she plucks and drops them
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    I' to pet morning to get some, they have multi vitamins daily. Problem with the parents they come to us ot us to them. But babies will come to us , of which the parents kick off out.
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    Our cage is a out 5ft by 4ft, when it was just the pair we wanted them to have alot of space, for when we are at work, but they do have run of room . I get the mum will feel ragged and feeding and caring may take its toll but I am so worried a out amount of feathers she has lost, hubby...
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    They are indoor birds, didn't plan on them breeding it happened. Nest box is gone, I cleaned that regularly. I have cats but they are not allowed in room they have there own bedroom. They have plenty of food veg fruit treats, toys...
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    The mother is plucking the chicks
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    7 weeks old, bless them they have feathers plucked and caught caroline doing it not long ago, we have put the babies in the big cage and mum and dad is other cage. The mother and father are close but plucking each other in nasty little fights. I know it's hard looking after 5 babies and...
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    Thanku for your reply I am pulling my own hair out 😪
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    Hi all Be grateful for some help and support, I have two stunning kakarikis and they have had 5 stunning babies nearly 7 weeks old. The mother has been plucking the babies feathers, and the mum and dad are plucking each others feathers out, they have plenty of water clean cage, plenty of veg...
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