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    Timneh Grey

    Totally agree with Roz advice. New Change is always difficult for any bird but to overcome that you can have a daily routine in the exact same way (literally from time and process) it really helped my African greys settle down really quickly. My greys have quickly realised that they each get to...
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    Poor Grey

    Honestly it really saddens me to see how people treat these beautiful birds.
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    Home Available

    Hi Yas, hope you hang onto the beauty! I know its a massive change in life circumstances and all birds accept changes differently in my experience. There is still alot you can offer once you get home from work. The radio really helps to keep them occupied, and once your home you can allow him...
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    Back to work after Lockdown

    Thankfully still working from home. Work was really helpful in providing us a desk and chair. I think WFH is ill be the way forward at the moment for the foreseeable future. Please sty safe and all in good health.
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    Rehoming Maximillian Pionus

    Good Morning Everyone, Hope you find a lovely home for this beauty! Think you have offers of some lovely homes with some lovely people. My advice is to give the bird to someone with who you can keep in touch with and someone who can send updates when you really miss the parrot and want to see...
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    Sunday 19th April 2020

    Good Morning @dianaT I definitely needed a break. In that time, I painted the whole of downstairs on my own and starter working on the aviary. I think the whole concept of working from home will become a big part of how we work from now on. It’s given me a chance to spend time with the children...
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    Sunday 19th April 2020

    Good Morning Everyone :) took a good two months off from social media and the internet just to reboot mentally. Not had a great week or two through illness but i feel much better now thankfully. The birds are enjoying therise in temperature and spend alot more time in the aviary. Working from...
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    Conure issue

    Could you please send me a link or a model name of what you used? @CaptainHowdy
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    Conure issue

    Can someone please recommend a brooder? doesnt need to be expensive as they are not breeders.
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    Squeaky - Moustached Parakeet

    Oh no! Fly free little one!
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    Conure issue

    dont think we got another incubator. I never breed so never kept one...might consider investing in one after this though just incase...
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    Conure issue

    Hmm your right. :( i havnt got one to borrow him either. Not sure if he can find one here today. Doubt they will survive unfortunately. His poor kids are all upset. Spoke to him and said they all are not talking to him lol can anyone recommend a decent incubator? Doesnt need to be expensive...
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    Conure issue

    It was a Green Cheek.
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    Conure issue

    I will find out....not sure if he knows. Will check with him. I am not sure how long the hen has been dead either so thats another tough one. He isnt a breeder so this happened out of the blue. Never breed conures myself so much wasnt sure what to advise.
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    Conure issue

    Afternoon Everyone, Hope all is well. I have a friend who has some lovely conures who recently laid some eggs. Justgot told this morning he found the female dead in the nest this morning. Most of the eggs look fertile but the male is very very aggressive anyway. The information i have is that...
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