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Aug 17, 2019 at 9:57 AM
Sep 27, 2015
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Aug 17, 2019 at 9:57 AM
    1. kgstroud
      Is this how I contact you directly?
    2. jaspers mum
      jaspers mum
      @Fabhui are you still looking for a ringneck? Does it have to be a baby one? I know of one needs a new home, he is currently at the haven parrot rescue down in Tamworth, if that's not too far for you x
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      2. Fabhui
        Hi There, I've actually managed to get myself sorted but decided on a hand reared Cockatiel from a breeder local to me. Thank you very much for the message though, it's much appreciated.
        Oct 22, 2016
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    3. Fabhui
      Hi There,

      I posted on the forum that I'm interested in getting an Indian Ringneck but having trouble finding a reputable breeder that hand rears them. Someone said that you were based in the midlands too and might know of some breeders?

      I'd be really grateful for any help or information you have.


    4. John K. S.
      John K. S.
      [colour=rgb(18,58,110)]45 days now I bought an alexandrine parrot. Shop-keeper told me it’s around 8 months old male! but I am not sure it. He/she owns Bigger beak, very long tail, showing very slight blackish colour in neck that under the beak. I keeping him on a perch outside the cage whenever I am in home and I taught him step-up and hand feed. He/she is eating and drinking and playing enough but the problem never make whistles or sounds? And still trying to bite me?!![/colour]

      [colour=rgb(18,58,110)]He like to eat sunflower seeds only! but I gives him different type of fruits and veg. but few fruits like apple, grape, guava, corn only he eats. He not eat other things like rice, orange, pineapple, banana, carrot, cucumber, beans, any leafs?[/colour]

      [colour=rgb(18,58,110)]What you feel with your experiences: is it male? How old he is? will he make sounds in near future? Do he stop biting habit in future? What would be the food he more like?[/colour]
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