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    Had poppy in the garden too. with the hose - her cage is lovely and clean :yahoo: i gave her a really good shower and she has been basking for nearly three hours. I am surprised at how quiet she is when we are out side- i thought the garden birds would set her off but she is more interested...
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    Off Days

    Poppy had a really strange day yesterday. generally being spiteful and uncooperative. I ended up putting her back in the cage and ignoring her. If any one has experienced this type of day with your parrots i would be interested to hear about it. and about how you coped/dealt with it
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    Describe Your Parrot In One Word

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    Tv Or Radio

    radio for poppy but always music
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    What Kind Of Beans Are These

    they are balotti beans treat them the same as red kidney beans poisonous unless cooked
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    Feather Damage?

    hi greg I do all of the above- and i have to admit that i have not seen poppy picking - does this self mutilation leave evedence in the cage? because apart from small body feathers naturally lost i have not seen any feather debris
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    Wow Progress

    you may remember my posts about poppy biting my OH. well i have been removing her from my OH every time she has landed on him before she has had a chance to bite and my OH has beeen taking every oppertunity to interact with her when she is in her cage. she will now invite a head stroke in the...
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    Charcoal And Oyster Shell

    charcoal is used in humans to for some poisons but i think the peanut butter is an old wives tale. egg shell makes sense especially for femail parrots who are laying eggs. I know we used to give our chickens egg shell to help them produce eggs with a hard shell.
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    this is what i thought but if we are supervising - i also think that she would mess with it instead of flying
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    just wondering how often you shower your birds. i was talking to another parrot owner in the pet shop and she said it should only be done about twice a month because you can cause there feathers to loose there water proofing. just wondered what other thought.
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    Charcoal And Oyster Shell

    Someone has suggested that i should be giving charcoal and oyster shell once a week. I am sure that i read somewhere that you don't feed this sort of thing to parrots. can someone put me straight please
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    I have just been speaking to my brother- he has had raptors and parrots for years. He has suggested that if you get the harness over the head you should just leave it. if the parrot objects and you take it off - then they are training you to do what they want. He also said that this training...
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    I thought i had made progress today too. i was doing the usual thing and she accepted the harness over her head and was still calm. so i slipped in one wing and then the other still no issues then i stopped scratching to tighten it and she panicked :wall: thankfully i only received one full...
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    I have been working for nearly two weeks with my aviator harness. every time i stroke poppy i do it through the harness. i also hung the old feather tether in the cage for her to play with and it has made a big difference. she is now used to the feel and the texture of it. i have been doing...
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    Head Hoods

    thanks guys
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