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    Tomsmum - Judith Templeman

    I am so sorry.
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    bark is viewed as highly dodgy for chickens due to its habit of going mouldy underneath so I would think also unsuitable for aviary birds.
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    Nelly Dog

    our lovely girl is gone. the anti seizure drugs worked well for 8 days, and then they did not. we were fortunate to find a vet who specialises in at home euthanasia who was kindness personified. Nelly had a very bad night Sunday, thankfully yesterday Monday had rallied and was happy again but...
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    Monday 29th July

    mixed. She had another seizure Friday afternoon and after another chat with vet took her in as it was cool enough to gently walk her there at last. the vet reckons she probably has a brain tumour, it is terminal. she has been started on some anti seizure drugs . touch wood not had one since...
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    Voles - Help

    I would not use them for this
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    Thursday 25th July

    Nell had another seizure last night. house was cool and quiet and still happened. and we are down for 32C here today so walking to vet is definately out of question , can't go by car as she is scared in cars too (have to physically drag her in while she fights to get out which is not option...
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    Wednesday 24th July

    She looks fine this morning, tired and quiet but looks content- eaten her breakfast and sprawled out asleep on rug. I think its just take things day by day, hope for best but be ready for worst
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    Wednesday 24th July

    thank you DizzyBlue. will get some . thats very helpful advice. I'm feeding her little and often as the heat is not helping (we are doing things to keep her cool) and I think a large meal would make her uncomfortable. her appetite is undiminished and aside from getting tired/panting very...
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    Wednesday 24th July

    morning all. far too damn early but Nelly dog is ill and I am sitting up with her. she is an old girl and had a fit on Monday- we hoped it was a one off but had a second briefer one about an hour ago. I know she is in her last weeks. she is now asleep and comfortable but I am going to have to...
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    How To Cool A Hot Gcc

    my grey loves frozen peas. i never defrost them. never stuck to tongue. if you have a fan put some ice in front of it and that will cool the air a lot more, don't however put the fan directly blasting bird- set it at an angle. likewise a damp cloth hung in front of an open window can cool air a...
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    Seagull Takes Dog

    the dog may well have weighed only about 1.5 kg. some of these little dogs are scary small, was said to be only 9 inch tall. was it wearing a collar/harness.. ? that would be easy to grab. regarding lifting power birds can be very strong - I was once in garden and had a rat dropped from a great...
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    Black Headed Caique Loosing Balance

    mark toys, food dishes etc with cage number so as each cage only ever gets its own equipment back. I do this as a matter of routine with poultry as have a number of pens and do not want any passing germs to have chance to spread . likewise each cage should have its own cleaning cloth/sponge...
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    Black Headed Caique Loosing Balance

    would it alter how they are kept or medicated? if the answer is no then I can see no point in testing at present.
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    Black Headed Caique Loosing Balance

    I would ask for a trial of the drug, say a week and see for yourself if helps or not. some things that are marked as ineffective are ineffective over a large number but odd patient responds well so worth a go.
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    Neighbouring Shops Parrot Seems Unwell Advice Needed

    I would say that you can see they love and care for him very well but it is clear he is unwell and give them the number of a local avian vet. They may not be aware such a service is available. British muslims tend to cherish their pet birds , they are popular pets and highly valued. I have met...
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