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    Caique Food help

    If seed then a very high quality brand as a supplement. Nothing black and striped. That's sunflower seed. Like you eating McDonald's 24/7.
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    Caption Competition#110

    Hah - I've got daddy's airline pass (and he said I wouldn't fly for weeks) lol
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    Caption Competition#110

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    Caption Competition#110

    Lol. Look closely. That's daddy's access pass to the offices of a major airline
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    Caption Competition#110

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    Caption Competition #109

    Lol OK I'll hVe a search for a pic
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    Christmas Carol

    Lol no. And I wouldnt have it any other way
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    Christmas Carol

    Have yourself a birdie little Xmas (not) Have yourself a merry little Xmas Let the birds take flight By New Years the darlings will be out of siiiight Have yourself a merry little Xmas Lay in bed so gaaaaaay No more piercieng shrieks at first break of DAAAAAAAY! Once again as in olden days...
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    Comment by 'Setanta' in media 'IMG_20180819_111013'

    Lets see, Fingers + Cha Cha, the three musketeers, Diva, Nik-Nak, Boo-Boo = 8 at the last count
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    Caption Competition #109

    You can go now. Leave the walnuts!
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    Thread watched Caption Competition #108

    Alexa, I asked your for WALNUTS!, GODDAMMIT!
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    Plucking nightmare

    I allowed 3 caiques to share a big flight and plucking ensued while I was away. In my case I found the culprit, his head feathers were intact, so he was the instigator. I believe it was hormones, having two males and one female in the same flight Your case is different but my solution may...
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    Psychotic Biting Episodes! 2 Year Old Caique

    I have a gang of caiques, some are more than 10 years old and Ive had them from babies Some I hand raised, some were parent raised and wild when they arrived ( no longer) so.......your problem started with the 'occasional bites'. I never get them. NEVER. Thats you being ocasionally careless and...
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    Pellet Conversion

    Can I add my 2c here ? 1) Pelleted diets are formulated based on chicken studies. Treat with care 2) Seeds are like McDonalds for humans. Avoid except as a treat, unless a VERY reputable brand ( Versele Laga?) My solution is a WIIIIIDE variety of food which is likely to cover all bases A high...
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    New Avi Fabs Double Divided Cage

    Its a lovely cage for caiques. Its most important feature is its location. That big window view is a winner for caiques well done
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