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  1. Update on Luna irn

    Well I have a wee bit of news on Luna I contacted psuk with the leg ring number she is a grand old age of 14years old...also she came from and old man who had started to suffer from dementia and was badly treating her his wife couldn't cope and had to re-home she will be seeing out the...
  2. Fruit and veg prep

    Hey folks quick question what's the best way to serve your fruit and veg up roughly chop it of finely chopped just trying to find the best way to make it more appealing 😂😂 many thanks
  3. Hello there!

    Thanks for your warm welcome everyone 😁😁
  4. Hello there!

    I'm thinking they have been done recently what is best way to tell if the have been? I've just been sitting next to her talking to her I can put my hand in the cage just to give her a wee treat seems to love dark grapes she does move slightly closer to my hand to get it from me.
  5. Hello there!

    I will do my best to try get one for u..I've got her cage close to the sofa so she can reach her cage no problems she still thinks she can fly like normal it's such a shame she's not been plucking as of yet I have and will be keeping an eye on that so it can be nipped in the bud. Just hoping I...
  6. Hello there!

    Not much at all being perfectly honest apart from she was with another irn who was being rather bullying towards her she never moved from the cage or make any noise what so ever this is her second day with us she has been vocal eating and drinking well.
  7. Leg ring

    I will see if I can get close enough for a pic I'm clueless with leg rings clearly 😂😂
  8. Leg ring

    Thank you!!
  9. Hello there!

    I would just like to introduce Luna unfortunately her wings have been clipped and I've only just got her few days ago so been slowly working and talking to her doesn't talk at all doesn't mimic anything as of yet but hoping that will come not sure of her age either as I think she's been a...
  10. Leg ring

    This has a number and then 3 letters 90 on its side and then number as normal I'm guessing breeder was being different just had a closer look there.
  11. Leg ring

    Thank you my hard work can now begin 😂
  12. Leg ring

    I will try get a closer look see if I can make sure I've got it down right thanks for your reply 👍
  13. Leg ring

    Thanks for the warm welcome @Michael Reynolds @dianaT ! This is Luna!
  14. Leg ring

    The last numbers going across after all the letters is 905 but it has 3 letters before it...I do plan on letting wings grow I would never want to have wings clipped..I have just been sitting next to her cage talking gently to her offering small treats trying to build trust..thanks for your reply...
  15. Leg ring

    Hi there new to the site I have recently taken ownership of an Indian ring neck and it does have a red closed ring on its leg where would be best place to start to gather information on I don't want to post up as I've noticed a few have been removed by admin. Possibly a rescue bird her wings...
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