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    Berts new little thing

    been trying to get Bert to say please or yes please, but he won't talk in-front of us. So ive been nodding to say yes and he's almost got it.
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    Cage modification?

    our old cage had a grill, but to be honest I covered it in paper as the girl was just a pain to clean, then change the paper daily or as it gets soiled, same as above I put 2/3 layers on and just lift the top layer when its dirty. his new cage doesn't have a grill, so paper, change that daily...
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    feeding amount ?

    Yes i ve got it on my phone, date, time and weight, before/after tea, did he eat much, so set it out like this Date-time-weight-all evening meal, half evening meal etc. and any notes under that, eaten well, not eating well, had veg, refused veg etc. ideally one day i can do the morning thing...
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    Help me to decide on which parrot, please.

    journey is the right word, its a long journey and im not going to lie, i was so ill prepared for it even after a year or so of research. but slowly we make progress day by day and i think thats the bit i was never really/truly aware of, the time and effort that needs to go into them, yes some...
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    Help me to decide on which parrot, please.

    please delete the above @Admin, i added more :) hi my two cents as a first time bird owner. we got a grey from a rescue in January, early days were/are tough, he was very hand shy, even scared and would randomly bite, he slowly getting better and hasn't bitten for a month or so now, now these...
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    App called Seek

    going to give this a go, i'll also compare it to the one i have and see if im getting the correct Id on that one.
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    App called Seek

    I hope it works, I downloaded an app called “picture this” I tried it loads of times but the downside is I don’t actually know if it’s right or not. I was taking pics of trees on a dog walk, then taking the same pics on the way back and it seemed to work well. Again it does plants and flowers...
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    African Grey

    hi and welcome. if your looking for a grey, please consider rescues, they normally have an abudence of CAGS
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    Shaping the step up (back to basics)

    a few more videos below on and with the T perch and on the floor, do you see any body language I should take notice of ? and right at the start of this one his new behaviour, any ideas ? seems playful
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    Friday 3rd July

    Hi @dianaT and All, Work has gone silly these last few days, good or bad shows things are starting to go back somewhere near normal, Although im not exactly sure we need "back to normal" at this point. Seems most people i speak to have forgotten we still have this "little virus" around us all...
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    Shaping the step up (back to basics)

    First off, Thank you so much, lots to think about and to be honest i think you've pretty much got him down, everything you've said makes complete sense and i fully understand were looking at tiny body language/cues and its so difficult to put these in words. I'll answer the ones below as best i...
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    Shaping the step up (back to basics)

    little help please Roz. ive been working with Bert trying to train a step up, now I first thought he was scared of the perch, maybe he is ? if I put it near him, he nibbles the end or pushes it away with his beak, otherwise he moves as far away from it as possible. he can't or won't fly, so...
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    Training tips and ideas

    have a read through this thread, Roz is very good at explaining things in a simple way.
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    Training tips and ideas

    Hi darren, nice to have you here, how old is your little one ?
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    Show me your play areas

    Hi All. So we having a move around to accommodate Bert a bit better, i have sky coming next week to move the sky box and phone line, so bert can have an area, the plan is to have his cage and a play area or some sort in that corner by the window. post pics or yours as im looking for ideas.
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