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    I may not be around alot for the next two weeks

    Sorry to read this Michael love and hugs to you xxx
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    AS30 v Harrison's

    Love it lol xxx
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    Beau the Senegal needing a home

    Beau beau is a handsome chap Hun, I love sennies they are lovely birds, I hope you find his forever home really soon xxx
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    Sennie for re-homing

    Sennies are cracking little birds, my two will tolerate each other but won't live together, and they are far from flighty, in fact they rarely back down from anything or anyone lol, the worst sennie bite in this house was when the lovely Fred bit the back of my sons neck, omg what a mess. So...
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    Garp can't perch

    How is garp this morning Hunni xxx
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    Thank you Lou...from Chloe!

    myrtle loves her box with her Argos book at the bottom, I stand it on its end so she can just walk in , she actually loves in hers lol, although she's a bit peeved at the moment as its the winter Argos catalogue formchristmas and it isn't very thick so when she does her chicken scratch it slides...
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    Nacho & Roxy been so lucky

    Nigel don't beat yourself up on this one, it won't have been the tray with Jasper else the others would have been affected too, chuck it in the bin or drill some holes in it and use it as a feeder for the garden birds. And with the winter that the weather forecasters are threatening this winter...
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    hiya Hun and welcome, your ringnecksounds a lovely colour piccies wud be great xxx 
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    Is this cage worth me getting???

    Personally Martin I wouldn't have the bar spacing any bigger than 1cm for a budgie, mine managed to squeeze out of a travel cage, you say they don't try and get thru the bars but there is always gonna be that day when they want to check if the grass is greener, and you would never forgive...
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    Hospital Again

    fantastic news Nigel xxx
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    Stafford Parrot Show - 11Th October 2015

    where's the selfies guys 
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    My Eric (African Grey)

    Eric is gorgeous, and so dingy, I take it these are old piccies of the little love with his beautiful baby eyes xx
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    Stafford Parrot Show - 11Th October 2015

    Unfortunately I'm not going to this one as I have to work, which is a bummer, but please take loads of piccies guys and have a lovely day, and if anyone feels like dropping me a lilac crowned ammie or a jardine in on the way home please feel free to do so  xxx
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    Amazon or African Grey

    Hi I and welcome, I have three greys two sennies and two Amie's, they are all gorgeous birds, yes sennies can be nippy, but can't all birds, I call mine the mini staplers lol, but they are ace and great fun, I have had a grey from a baby who I love with all my heart, but even tho he is my bird...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi and welcome x
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