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    Berts new little thing

    :pancarta: Love it!!!!
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    Cage modification?

    I think the best solution is to clean the cage nightly after his last meal. That's what I do with mine. Old fruit can go off/mouldy quite quickly in the summer months and you don't want him to be subjected to Aspergillus spores.
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    :welcome: What a lovely flock you have. Oh no, hoping Turbo comes back safely.
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    Quaker Parakeet refusing to come anywhere near me

    You are doing well, MASKN. Try putting a slice of apple through the cage bars before you let him out. Then walk away to let him eat it. Gradually you can lessen the distance you are walking away and get slower and slower at slotting it in, until he is eating his end whilst you are still...
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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    Ooops forgot to take a pic of Ollie's (Orange-wing) cage tonight, but found an old pic below. My Amazons have Montana cages (sadly no longer for sale in this country, but you can get them shipped from Germany or Holland, which is what I did with two of them). This is Ollie's cage...
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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    I'm with Michael in saying the bigger the better. Also try to go for the best you can afford - cheap cages are false economy... they are flimsy and likely to start rusting. You also need to get the right bar spacing: 1.25" or 3cms (no bigger) and have feeder doors that open out so that the...
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    Quaker Parakeet refusing to come anywhere near me

    Glad you found the other thread helpful. All I will add is to try to keep Kiwi's body language as relaxed as possible. It may mean rethinking the way you approach him etc. So..... You really don't want him to freak out, as each time it happens you are losing his trust (which could be the...
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    Friday 3rd July

    That's a wonderful picture of Seku!! :pancarta: I agree with Michael in that you maybe inadvertently reinforcing the screaming/loud behaviour, and likely with attention if he likes to be involved. Also louder background noise results in louder vocalizations. For example, you talking on the...
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    green cheek bites?

    Sounds like she is nipping you to tell you to tell your fingers to go away, ie. she doesn't want to leave the person she is on. It's a form of communication. I would get the family member to put her down somewhere before you then pick her up, otherwise you are just teaching her to nip more.
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    Shaping the step up (back to basics)

    Looks playful to me too! I think you are good at reading his body language. It's wonderful to see him out, mucking about on the floor. His world is getting bigger and bigger!
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    Shaping the step up (back to basics)

    He looks very comfortable with what is going on in the video... from this angle it looked like a game re turning his head. :biggrin: Indeed for duration of the video it looked like it was reinforcing to be on the perch interacting with you. I don’t know how it ended, but I would have got him to...
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    Shaping the step up (back to basics)

    Hi Scott! I'll give you some ideas based on what I am reading in your post. They may be wide of the mark, but at least it's a starting point for discussion. :) From the above, it sounds like he maybe just doesn't like the perch (he's being nice in the first quote and then it looks like...
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    Fear of fingers

    Will she take treats from your fingers? Keep pairing them with good experiences such as treats so that she looks forward to them being around. You can also work on desensitizing her to their movement which is gradually introducing her to moving fingers. Be sure to keep her body language as...
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    Quaker behaviour

    Great updates!! :applaudit:
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    Quaker behaviour

    As Michael said, that’s a great cage! I would agree with keeping him in a few days so that he gets used to the cage and calls it home. If he’s going stir crazy then let him out sooner, but remember you have to get him back in again. Any aversive paired with going in will make it harder to get...
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