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    Berts not well

    That's wonderful Bert is home. He looks remarkably well!!
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    I have recently adopted an orange winged Amazon parrot who had been cage bound for 11 years. She has been coming out the cage and started to vocalise

    :welcome: Malaika! Ollie, my Orange-wing does that too. I have always read it as excited. It definitely is not aggressive behaviour. I identify it with what Rosemary Low calls "shadow boxing" which is something that Orange-wings tend to do. Ollie would take it to extremes and do the...
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    Just adopted green cheek conure are these normal

    :welcome: Charlotte and Mango! Normal to me too. Looking at the pics it looks like his wings have indeed not been clipped (hooray!). In the first pic I see some bronzing on the wing coverts (I think they are called) which most likely means he has been handled more on that side. Regular...
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    Heart in mouth moment

    Yikes! Glad everything was ok!
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    Hello I'm a new Ringneck owner

    Amazing!! You can bait him for the first few times if necessary - it can help kick start the behaviour. Then gradually start hiding the treat in your hand so that he can see less and less of it. And yes, you can use praise instead of a clicker to mark a behaviour - make it short like a simple...
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    Berts not well

    Everything crossed for Bert! :heart1:
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    New Senegal

    Nice update! Glad all is going well with Gulliver.
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    7 yes old dinosaur

    :dev14: Happy 7th Hatchday, Dino Bobbie!! :dev14:
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    Berts not well

    Oh no - poor Bert. At least he is in the best place. Your vet sounds really on the ball - and good for you acting so quickly. Sending healing thoughts for Bert. :heart1:
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    So very sorry, Michael. Fly free Connor.
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    Hello I'm a new Ringneck owner

    That's ok. I would stand in front of him (if he's comfortable with that - or towards the side of him) and hide the treat hand behind your back. Introduce your step up hand towards him. Stop where he is comfortable, then give him the treat from behind your back. ie. so he doesn't see the...
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    Hello I'm a new Ringneck owner

    Depending on what treat you are feeding him, if you can gradually break it/them down into smaller pieces you'll get more behaviour/more reps each training session before he gets full up/loses interest. The steps I wrote as an example may be too small for Stitch or even too big, just go at his...
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    Hello I'm a new Ringneck owner

    :welcome: Hannah and Stitch! Stitch is a stunning bird!! It sounds like you have made amazing progress already. Already good advice given by other members here. Thought I'd add my twopence! Biting is a form of communication - often to say "NO!" Before the bite there will be lots of body...
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    7 month old conure attacking my kids

    Other things you can do is reinforce calm behaviour when the kids are in the vicinity... eg with treats or head scratches or praise or .... ? Whatever is reinforcing for Rocky ie the kids don’t touch him, an adult provides the reinforcers. That way he starts to pair the children with good...
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    7 month old conure attacking my kids

    Forgot to say, you can teach targeting through the cage bars. That way everyone keeps safe.
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