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  • Hi Roz, could you give me any tips on how to train/tame a very wild rosella. thanks in advance :D
    Hi Roz! It seems every member recommends asking you for advice on training. It's clicker training i wanted to know more about. I've had my beautiful cockatoo just over a week, hes had issues with biting in his recent past and before that his history is unknown. He has issues with plucking, breaking my heart to see him going at his new growth feathers right now. Can you offer any advice on either subject?
    I found myself that I really need a help. We do have new family member, he is 5 years old . Screams a lot, bites and doesn't fly... for some reason we are 3 family.... :(
    The last women give him just because he doesn't talks and bites...
    And here I would use all your help how to make a friendship with little buddy? Is that not to late?
    Should I open the cage?
    I have a very good behaviour cat , so I would use all help here ?
    Hi Roz all the members tell me to ask u what I can do to try and tame my irn. I need help.
    Hello Roz.....

    I hope you are well.....

    I wanted to say that the screams are getting a little less. There not completely gone but I understand the poking my head round the door thing better as he goes quiet. I do feel that I have moved a little.

    I am not sure with the loud wolf whistle, there seems to be no change. The whistle seems to have to meanings....I want attention.. I am loud back away!!

    Also can I ask you about toilet training ideas? Popeye seems to have learnt this before with a previous owner and will SOMETIMES fly back to the cage. Other days he is just lazy and will do it on the floor. I have started calling it a whoops a daisy to see if he gets familiar with it with me, but this is not entirely successful. I think they might have had some sort of word before with it. I try plonking him on the cage and usually he wont get  off. (help).

    I am doing well with the parrot chop. I forgot to say that Pops loves fruit anyway. I cant sprout seeds. All my attempts have been a disaster. I have soaked mixed beans for night and cooked them but they seem a little too hard. Luguimes? can you explain them and how you do them?

    Thanks so much Roz. I know you are busy helping a lot on here so dont hurry with reply...

    Darren And POpeye....xx
    Hi Darren,

    Great to hear that the screams are getting a little less.  It took time to learn and it will take time to learn to be quiet or make different sounds.  It's easier to teach a parrot to DO something rather than not do something, so other sounds might be easier to teach than just being quiet.  Ok, so the whistle means I want attention... don't give him any attention for it, but instead, and as soon as possible give him LOADS of attention for doing another sound or behaviour.  EVERY time - that's important at the beginning when they are learning something new.  He'll begin to realise that if he wants attention to do the other sound or behaviour.  It is exhausting in the beginning, but so worth it in the end.

    Re the potty training yes, you've got the idea.  First pair the action with the words so that he begins to know what it means.  Every time he goes, say "whoops a daisy".  Then gradually move the cue to slightly before he goes (when you can see he's just about to) and carry him over to his cage or paper.  You'll get to know his body language... it's usually around every 20 - 30 minutes.  Hopefully he'll eventually fly back to his cage himself on the cue since he seems to know roughly what to do already.  If not, then you'll have to break the training down into smaller steps... ie. train him to fly back to his cage on cue and then cue the poop.  But pair the action with the words first and carry him over see where that leads to.  Hmmm... I tell Kobe "go poop!"  You could see if he recognises those words! :laugh:

    Why has sprouting been a disaster?  How have you been doing it?  Soak them first overnight, then rinse and drain.  Then rinse and drain twice a day until they have grown little tails.  If the seed, legumes or grains are too old they won't sprout (it's a good test to see if the seed you are feeding is fresh).  If you are using a jar and filling with too many seeds there might not be enough air circulation and they go mouldy.  1 to 2 teaspoons of seed in a jar is probably maximum since they grow so much.  I don't know if you saw this thread:

    If you are going to cook the legumes (mixed beans) then soak overnight (which you did), then rinse them and put them in a big saucepan so that you can get them boiling in lots of water.  Bring them to boil and boil rapidly for 10 minutes (this will kill the toxins most legumes have... especially red kidney beans), then lower the heat and simmer for another 30 minutes.  Just after the rapid boil you can always add some grains too which would give you a complete protein.  The ratio of grains to legumes should be about 2 (or a little less) to 1.  Grains would be added according to the length of time they need eg. whole rice, wheat, barley 30 mins; millet 20 mins; buckwheat, quinoa 15 mins.

    Happy cooking!  :biggrin:

    Roz xx
    Hi Roz , thanks for the great advice , this is going to be a long process I have found out that he was aggressive to everyone even his male owner and especially the teenagers of the house (male) . He Defoe paired to my daughter Claire she can do no wrong ha ha , he is quite talkative and loves his cuddle time on the sofa with me , I have taught him step up and shake hands so far ,he not fused on getting his nails filed but that's a work in progress , I can't seem to find a treat that he likes bar cheese and he not getting that ha ha . My son give him a little of  his rich tea biscuit or toast and would love to be able to do what we do with him but he has drew blood that many times he won't come into the room when he out , he gets a lot of time out of the cage and  his cage is his play ground and safe place , my husband says a divorce would have been cheaper ha ha x
    hiya, i dont know if this is the right place or if theres a way to message you so sorry if if ive got it wrong.

    but..... i think i know you from parrot-link. i was a member there for years (username stephie) & went to have a nosey again a few weeks ago but its gone! so i started looking for another forum & found myself here. there was definitely a member with a blue headed pionus called kobe. that bird is part of the reason my, almost 2 year old, son is called kobi. it would be cool if i bumed into a couple of old members. steph.
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