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    Hi. I have completed my aviaries and am looking for breeding pairs of Eclectus, Amazons, Pionus or Caiques. Got anything like that? TIA
  2. Grey Cockatiel Lost In Rickmansworth Area

    We sadly lost our grey cockatiel hen from Rickmansworth. So the Watford, Croxley Green, Maple Cross, Chorleywood area....Has a silver ring on her right leg. Desperate to have her back. Many thanks. 07815763533
  3. Think Parrots Show 2018

    Is Larkfield Hall on tonite?
  4. Think Parrots Show 2018

    Pity. DESEPERATE to buy some cockatiels.....ANYBODY selling?
  5. Think Parrots Show 2018

    Am I right in understanding that there are no bird sales at THINK PARROTS?
  6. Cockatiels Wanted To Buy

    Anyone selling adult cockatiels please? Willing to travel to collect, outer London/Herts?Mddx etc.
  7. Novice Member Near Watford - Parakeets Wanted

    Is the Larkfield Hall sale tonight or next week?
  8. Novice Member Near Watford - Parakeets Wanted

    Thank you. Thinking of painting the plywood a dark green to blend into the garden a little...any advice about which paints to use/ avoid? Have sealed the ply already with a solvent based sealant...
  9. Novice Member Near Watford - Parakeets Wanted

    Aviary not completed in that photo. I'm covering the right half of it with plywood, and a polycarbonate roof on top.
  10. Novice Member Near Watford - Parakeets Wanted

    Thank you. Aluminium aviary 6x6x3 feet. See photo attached. Thinking of keeping a pair of each type....which parakeets will be OK in the aviary with cockatiels?
  11. Novice Member Near Watford - Parakeets Wanted

    Hi Having completed my aviary, I am now looking to buy some parakeets. White faced cockatiels, parrotlets and caiques currently my favourites.... Anybody selling them in my neck of the woods? Near Junction 17 of the M25, willing to travel. Many thanks Rafiq
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