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  1. In Loving Memory of Bert

    Sorry for your loss. Really enjoyed watching the videos
  2. Fly free my beloved Ollie

    RIP Ollie. Roz you done a super job trying to help him get better. Sorry for your loss
  3. Lock Down

    Living in wales and working for the nhs I’m really happy that we are going back in to lockdown. The amount of people that you see around her that think the virus is nothing isn’t good. Just hope it doesn’t get as bad as the 1st time.
  4. In Loving Memory of Frankie

    Really sorry to hear the news. RIP
  5. Friday 7th August 2020

    Nice already in Swansea sorry
  6. African Grey joining the family soon

    Where are you from as I could travel
  7. African Grey joining the family soon

    Swansea but willing to travel
  8. African Grey joining the family soon

    Hi Gary. I’m looking for a African Grey any help where to get 1 from please would be grey. Thanks
  9. Happy hatchday Bo!

    Hi. I’m looking for a grey. Any help with where to get 1 would be great
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