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    Young bird meet

    Hyacinth Macaws make superb pets and are very gentle.
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    Amazons breeders

    We do not keep any Yellow Naped here,the best dealer in the UK is possibly Erich Shroter(think the spelling is wrong)he lives in Brighton,but I do not have his number here,perhaps the Parrot Society would.
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    Which breed?

    I am based in England and in Cyprus Paphos near the zoo,I used to keep 10 pairs of Hyacinths,and the last pair are now at the zoo and breeding well.I had many pairs of parrots of all species.I work as the Curator of the zoo(when I am there!).
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    Which breed?

    I would keep clear of Major Mitchell (Leadbeater)Cockatoo's as having hand reared many I have never had one suitable as a pet.
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    Amazon wing feather droop

    I find this fairly common with Amazons,1 of my old breeding pairs has this and has done for 3-4 years.I leave them alone.
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    Senegal aviary

    I would use 1inch x 1/2 inch 16gauge wire.
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    Blood feathers?

    As above,but it is rare to see this in captive birds.I have only done this with 1 bird but have kept thousands.
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    Amazons In Winter

    All of mine were OK at a temperature of minus 15c for short periods.
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    Amazons In Winter

    They will NOT need heat until it gets to minus temperatures if kept in a shed,the biggest problems with giving any heat is that it is always needed then in winter and then you need a generator for power cuts (these tend to happen in the coldest times in winter).
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    Poorly Amazon Parrot

    It is a Yellow Crowned so no CITES papers are needed.
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    Nutriberrie as a sole diet ?

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    Make it believe it is a Mynah bird,can be done if you are careful!!!
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    So what's folks opinions on this

    Un-believiably small and totally useless for any bird.
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    Macaw , He or She

    It may just identify with being a male?all the rage now!
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    Hi From Staffordshire

    For Michael Reynolds Golden Conures (Queen of Bavaria Conures)are a minimum of 1500 each.
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