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    Missed You All

    You too missed you lot x
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    Interesting Article From New York Times Magazine

    Erm ok perhaps you win you wouldn’t be happy without the chaos I know I wouldn’t x
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    Hey Guys

    Buggers as always x
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    Missed You All

    Sorry it’s been so long you lot
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    Hey Guys

    hello everyone been a while.hope all the bird buddies are doing great
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    I’m Back Guys I’ve Fixed My Tech Problems !

    Hi everyone long time no see!
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    Tropical Fish Question

    Yep lacking a male the dominant female can often change its sex,nature sure is great @denzarki
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    Plum, Fly Free My Gorgeous Boy.

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    Monday 5th March

    They are just the softest aint' they @JessCheekyMia x
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    Animal Mad!

    Ha love the giraffe picture,Ive watched nature programs all my life but when I saw a giraffe for real I just stood for hours gobsmacked.amazing x
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    Well my first caique was named after pippa my first true parrot,but being male I had changed it to pepper,then came poppy his mate.gizmo the yellow thighed caique came to me already named,then I got Bobby and Betty ,after that otis came to me from a lovely couple from Liverpool. Finally I bred...
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    I do this when I eat salad yyyyyyakk
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    Question For Everybody

    My first bird was a golden mantle rozella and my first pet bird was a Senegal parrot called pipa she was my best mate and everyone' worst enemy x
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    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Hi @kayc137 I live with 7 caiques soon to be 8 and a galah and a meyers.x
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    My Baby Caique Lucy

    Thanks @JessCheekyMia they usually jump all over the camera so getting a picture is a nightmare ha x
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