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    Blue Fronted Amazon (Male)

    Yes, good luck! Older birds can be a joy as at least they tend not to be so demanding as younger ones. It'll be great to watch his health and confidence improve over the months ahead. It may take time, but it'll be more than worth it!
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    Christmas Day 2021

    Merry Christmas, and may the mighty parrot spirits bless you all!
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    The bunch!

    a celestial being, I mean
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    The bunch!

    Every Christmas tree should have celestial being on top of it!
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    Happy birthday DianaT

    And from me too!
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    Happy Birthday Zooamazons

    Happy 30th, Zooamazons!
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    Happy Birthday Oli Fry

    Thank you my friends! Have a lovely day everyone...
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    grey - rehomed

    Yes, I thought that - it's unusual to see one in such perfect feather.
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    Happy gotcha day Dora

    What a happy ending for that poor little mite!
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    Hi there... have taken on a double yellow headed amazon as a rehome

    Nothing to add to the above, but congratulations on getting such a lovely parrot, and best of luck with him! I have greys rather than amazons but I've found that feeding lightly cooked vegetables - peas, sweet potato, carrot etc - has been a great way to get conservative feeders to eat a more...
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    Bilbo and Luna

    Good luck mate!
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    Ivy the Illiger’s Macaw

    5 Star home!
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    Bilbo and Luna

    I can certainly sympathise on the family tensions front too! Grumpy's antics at one point nearly drove me to entering a Trappist monastery to get some peace and quiet.
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    Bilbo and Luna

    Sorry! Sounds like a 'challenging situation', otherwise known as a complete nightmare!
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    Bilbo and Luna

    Well I for one know how unbearable a grey's sounds can be, so you have my sympathy. My tame greys made the transition to an outdoor aviary very well, but they are relatively young birds and I spent a lot of time getting it comfortable for them, with a decent-sized shed attached, etc. In my...
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