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    are they related?
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    Congo African Grey | Pellets

    greys get used to routines and providing they get lots of attention while you are there they normally settle in to the way you live, how ever changes can affect them at times but they will learn your new routine and normally settle well
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    Happy birthday Diana T

    well you gave the game away in Oil fry's post, how dose it fill to be 22 at last Ha Ha. I do hope you have a great birthday with good memories but most of all I hope this year will be so much better for you and your husband, enjoy your special day xx
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    Happy Birthday Oli Fry

    Happy birthday I hope you have a good and exciting day
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    in the wild young males stay in groups, the female live a more nomadic life and find a area that they will protect from other females. if the young man wants a female they will normally compete with other males to attract her. the female has a choice of choosing a male from the group or fly...
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    the yellow one is female
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    yes the male has a broad beak
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    Thursday 5th December

    good afternoon every one, roads to east Grinstead was a bit icy had one artic stuck as it could not get any grip. I was using the sat nav but I got a little worried as I had to try to find another way around it and its no good me just following my nose now well I fed the flock early but they...
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    first one is a boy, not too certain about the yellow one can you try to capture the beak from a frontal view
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    Hi to all

    Hello and welcome Colin. I have Ringnecks but no dogs, Some birds do not mind dogs in the house but remember dogs can be predators so great care must be taken to keep the two apart. Birds are individuals and I have known both cases of the way they react, from being so scared to being too...
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    Wednesday 4th December

    Good afternoon, well I have not been out side to check on the weather but I believe it is dry. having another quiet day I hope, got the hospital tomorrow morning for a full check on my face and redressing so I may be missing for the morning, birds are a little quiet at the moment. keep...
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    Happy Birthday Margy

    Wishing you a very happy birthday
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    LOST Bird Bird of Prey - Washington Tyne and Wear NE38 - 04 Dec 2019

    Harris Hawk with blue tag
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    Baby cockatiel aspergillosis

    i just use boiled water but that depends on the nebuliser
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    Tuesday 3rd December

    I do hope Frodo will recover soon it such a worry when they are ill. Kendrai would not off gone out if i had not needed too, i have had friends helping with te flock in the afternoon but i sort out there breakfast.. the thing that i worry about the most is how low my blood pressur gets but i...
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