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    Baby Ammie Chatter

    the Queen may not like them if they poop on her Ha Ha
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    Baby Ammie Chatter

    We can but other may not. I had opera playing and Gilbert got will excited and was calling
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    Baby Ammie Chatter

    just thought i will post a phot of each of them that i just [email protected] with the messy beaks they do take after there parents. First photo of guilbert, second of Fred.
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    Have a nice day

    Sorry to put a little damper on you post as we all love the morning humer but with this site it is open to all ages and that includes children. please do not take things the wrong way I do not want you to stop but please just keep in mind we have all ages visit this site. i will tag @DizzyBlue...
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    Rescued BG with quite bad feathers

    Hello and welcome, The problem of the feather being so scruffy may be down to being in a cage that is not desined to house a B&G, the damage looks more like what you will see if a bird catches its tail as it moves.
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    Happy birthday Max

    So he is all excited and wont sit still, typical excitement on a birthday.
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    Wednesday 15th July 2020

    Can you join our todays posts up please. Sorry was busy and I took a while for me to type as I have been sorting out sunny and the babies
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    Wednesday 15th July 2020

    Good morning all, A cloudy start but dry, been up most of the night again although I did fall asleep for an hour and a half yesterday evening. I have been worried about one of my flock as I had not seen it for four days despite looking in all the nooks a crannies I could think off. its not...
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    Cage for an orange winged amazon

    its a good cage lets hope the rest comes tomorrow
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    Tropical Birdland

    How many amazons did you meet?
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    Tuesday 14th July 2020

    Good evening all, its been one of them days, people knocking telephone calls nearly non stop, had to nip out a few times Along with my normal busy routine and not sleeping at all last night I think I may dose off a little early tonight. hope you have all had a good day
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    Tropical Birdland

    So this lovely Hahn's bit your ear you could of moved your head around if you had of heard it coming Ha Ha. it sounds like you had a great day
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    What does this mean

    The female ringnecks way of trying to bond is to act submissive, this is what your bird is doing, it is not just used at times of matting young females can act kike this when they want just to be friends, or show they are part of the flock .
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    Happy hatchday Bo!

    Have a super Hatch day Bo
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    A question about oil painting

    Hello and Welcome, This is a good question, I wonder if we have any other budding artists with birds that know the answer, I will tag @DizzyBlue to see if she knows the answer or can direct you to finding out.
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