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  • Hi Michael. I see you have experience with kakariki. I have a pair of Kakarikis, the cock is pulling feathers out of the hen and eating them. Is this normal behaviour?
    This message was left on a thread posting which I have deleted as was irrelevant to the thread

    Hi Michael it's Karen I've not been to well for a few days now but will leave a bag at your door weds morn of goodies x Karen
    Hello Michael it's Karen and Ian since yesterday we have been a bit concerned with Harry left nere nostril it's not blue it's slightly inflamed and brown I will try and attach a picture , he's talking eating poohing all fine ??
    Hi Michael, I’ve just joined, and I wondered if you could help me find out what the numbers and letters are on my African grey parrots ring, I wont post it to you as I would like your permission first, please message back thanks
    Thank you for the time you gave Ian and myself Wednesday evening, We are looking forward to the next stage of processing our paperwork .look forward in hearing from you..Karen Harris ..
    Hi michael, i've recently bought a rosella shes around 1/2 years old and she is very wild. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on how to make her calm and show her that im no threat to her.
    My home no is with admin it is a secure line and will not accept withheld no's and will ask for your name before passing the call to me.
    Hi do you keep kings parrots can you possibly tell me what time of the year they breed in uk please
    Hi Micheal. You home this afternoon. I can come around if it suits? Thanks. Rafiq
    Hi Micheal
    You home this afternoon? I'm passing your way later today...
    Hi Micheal
    Did you get to Larkfiled Hall yesterday?
    I could come visit you tomorrow afternoon? Look forward to meeting you.
    Hi Michael
    I am not going to be make it to Larkfield today. Could you look at the cockatiels for sale and let me know if there are any white faced/ split WF, silver or white ones PLEASE? My mobile number is 07815763533. Would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to meeting you soon...
    Hi Micheal

    Wonder if you can point me to some breeders in my area, please? Near Watford, Hertfordshire. Parakeets, Cockatiels, parrotlets etc. Willing to travel. Thanks
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