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Michael Reynolds
Jun 4, 2012
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Michael Reynolds

Male, from Kent

Regular Member

Hi Ian and Karen You are welcome I have sent off the paperwork today. its was nice to meet you Sep 1, 2018

    1. floyd14
      Hi Michael, I’ve just joined, and I wondered if you could help me find out what the numbers and letters are on my African grey parrots ring, I wont post it to you as I would like your permission first, please message back thanks
    2. Michael Reynolds
      Michael Reynolds
      Hi Ian and Karen You are welcome I have sent off the paperwork today. its was nice to meet you
    3. Ianmills
      Thank you for the time you gave Ian and myself Wednesday evening, We are looking forward to the next stage of processing our paperwork .look forward in hearing from you..Karen Harris ..
    4. Nikola
      Hi michael, i've recently bought a rosella shes around 1/2 years old and she is very wild. I was wondering if you could give me any tips on how to make her calm and show her that im no threat to her.
    5. Michael Reynolds
      Michael Reynolds
      My home no is with admin it is a secure line and will not accept withheld no's and will ask for your name before passing the call to me.
    6. Michelle Mylroie
      Michelle Mylroie
      Hi I have posted a pic but don't know if you can see it you might have to type my name in
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    7. Carole
      Hi do you keep kings parrots can you possibly tell me what time of the year they breed in uk please
    8. RAFIQ
      Hi Micheal. You home this afternoon. I can come around if it suits? Thanks. Rafiq
    9. RAFIQ
      Hi Micheal
      You home this afternoon? I'm passing your way later today...
    10. RAFIQ
      Hi Micheal
      Did you get to Larkfiled Hall yesterday?
      I could come visit you tomorrow afternoon? Look forward to meeting you.
    11. RAFIQ
      Hi Michael
      I am not going to be make it to Larkfield today. Could you look at the cockatiels for sale and let me know if there are any white faced/ split WF, silver or white ones PLEASE? My mobile number is 07815763533. Would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to meeting you soon...
    12. RAFIQ
      Hi Micheal

      Wonder if you can point me to some breeders in my area, please? Near Watford, Hertfordshire. Parakeets, Cockatiels, parrotlets etc. Willing to travel. Thanks
    13. Michael Reynolds
      Michael Reynolds
      I will be in from now and most of the weekend you can call any time
    14. Pops
      Hi Michael, pls would you let me know the best time to call re Bella? Thx Laura
    15. Jeanette
      She is interacting a little with our male IRN just want to get things right from the beginning if we can thank u so much
    16. Jeanette
      I know it may not help but bcus our male won't go in the cage there is food out on the top and I guess as she isn't going hungry she has no incentive to go back to her cage? Don't know huge about her history other than was kept on own in a spare room due to other owner having cats and prefers men to women. Much appreciated Jeanette
    17. Jeanette
      any tips on how best to handle her n the situation to get her to go back into cage would be great she seems to have gone back wild which clearly she hasn't in just a few days.
    18. Jeanette
      The last 2 nights have been a real struggle she won't go in cage or come to us and we have had to catch her both nights to get her back in cage. Now that she is in a suitable sized cage do u think we should leave her in there for a few days without coming out?
    19. Jeanette
      Hi Michael, sorry I need your help so soon as you know we had Fiona a female IRN arrive last Thursday she lived in an exceptionally small cage and as a result has self mutilated by removing tail feathers. The first few days went really well she would allow my partner to stroke her and she went back into her new cage no probs at all.
    20. Michael Reynolds
      Michael Reynolds
      I would say give her two weeks and then see how pinky starts to react let her settle and you will find they will become friends
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    I do what I can, when I can, to make up for the times I can't. I pay what I can, when I can, to make up for the times I can't.
    I eat what I can, when I can, to make up the times that I can't. I sleep when I can, as often as I can, to make up the times when I cant.
    I do what I do, as soon as I can, just encase tomorrow I can't. Ivy Reynolds.
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