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    Weird Trays

    Safe for what purpose, cooking or for the birds water food etc?
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    Avian Vets . Essex

    He has definitely not retired, I will message him and ask where he is practising now for you
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    Avian Vets . Essex

    The Orchid vets in Ongar Road Brentwood, the Vet Is William Lewis. It is part of the national chain "best friends" William is very knowledgeable
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    Apply For Cites ...?

    Firstly which variety of Amazon is Sid? If you are not sure please post a picture Also has he got a closed ring on?
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    Im A Rescue Bird

    Sadly I have seen nearly as many birds in rescues that need rescuing as with individual owners
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    Cockatiel Cage Size

    As big as you can get with 1cm bar space, try to get a "brand" like Rainforest or Liberta as the coating is tested as safe for birds, some "cheap" cages are not.
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    Feather Loss

    Welcome to the site, it looks very unlikely that she has PBFD as her head is normal so it is self mutilation but I would personally check for that to rule it out. If you go to the vet ask about cost of this test and also contact a company called Avian biotec link below, if the vet is very...
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    My First Bite From A Macaw

    Hope your ok, a face bite brings it home more than any how much damage they can do if the situation goes wrong. I have to say I am not one for handling birds and prefer them to interact from a perch but if I do handle them I never have them on my shoulder and think you are either brave or daft...
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    Sorry to hear that, my condolences ;)
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    4 weeks to Christmas, I usually end up with 4 or 5 pairs as presents, happy to send you some FOC, Few elastic bands will do for now!
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    Sainsbury's Selling Edible Bugs

    Ideal for Christmas, everyone gets a leg.......or 6.....
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    I'm Back After A While Out!!

    Did you get it tested for PBFD?
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    Illiger Macaw Baby Weight Query

    You have a lovely bird there, please don't try to change the routine the breeder has given you for a couple of months at least then introduce new foods slowly. The change in her droppings on a daily basis are quite normal and some fruits do contain more water. While it is a good thing to trace...
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    I'm Back After A While Out!!

    Did you get the budgie tested?
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    High Fats Sunflower & Safflower Seed Good Or Bad?

    Per single sex aviary........;)
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