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  1. New Moustache Parakeet Owner

    Can anyone recommend Wire thickness and bar spacing? I hate online shopping, the pictures show a photoshopped Hyacinth macaw in the cage and you just know when it arrives its only going to be fit for a budgie haha.
  2. New Moustache Parakeet Owner

    Im sure she will be fine in this cage for a couple of days whilst I wait for delivery =), if she manages to eat her way out of this cage in the mean time shes in my bedroom currently which is a quiet part of the house so she should be fine =). Thanks for the links.
  3. New Moustache Parakeet Owner

    Thank you for the information Roz, technically she has ample room to spare when she spreads her wings, but thats because they are so short right now =(. I'm sorry to hear your Ollie was cage bound, but I am glad to hear he is now a success story =) your definatly right about trying to fit 2...
  4. New Moustache Parakeet Owner

    Slightly embarrassed to admitt that I didn't actually know that Moustache & Dehbyan Parakeets where different species, I just thought it was a different name for the same bird. Just started a little research now into the difference's, apparently the Moustache has a Pink/Salmon brest colouring...
  5. Wait, What?

    Wait, What?
  6. New Moustache Parakeet Owner

    So I just sorta rescued a Moustache Parakeet... I've been looking for a parrot for about 4 months now but nothing ever seemed to be available near me or nothing struck my fancy until I saw this one advert for a Derbyan Parrot (Moustache Parakeet), the pictures online wernt great, but it was...
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