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    Hi From Dumbarton

    Welcome Harry - congratulations!! So have you got names for them yet??
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    I Love My Vet!

    Good news :-D
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    Malcolm sent me this, made me chuckle!
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    Oh dear :-/ I havent run out before. But I reckon I have enough food in the house that they can eat anyway. They'd think all their Christmasses had come at once!
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    It's Bigger Than I Thought Lol

    Thats a beauty :-D I'd leave them in, you'd soon hear any kind of disagreement in the night. Start as you mean to go on?
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    Julie I'd love to visit again! This time I really don't have a spare minute but I might just manage to pop in over Christmas as we are back for two weeks then :-D
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    Lorro Parque Done And Dusted

    Oh wow! LOVE seeing Hyacinth Macaws, immense birds - so impressive!
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    Oh Liz that's lovely you are off to see your niece - enjoy the cuddles!! Im just getting packed up for flying to Manchester tomorrow, visiting some friends then travelling up to Glasgow to do bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday - should be fun :-D Hope you get the boiler fixed soon Julie :-/
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    Need An Answer Quick Please

    Oh I'm just catching up, so sorry for the terrible time you have been having. I'm glad Pip is still managing to get by, I hope he keeps improving even if it's baby steps.  Scrambled egg is good for him right now, it's also quite a good medium for 'hiding' other things in. I often add palm...
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    Meal Times

    I have a routine, but it's more for my benefit that theirs! In the morning before work they get some seed, pellets, a skewer of veg/fruit and foraging nuts in thier cage. In the evening they get cooked veg, pulses, ground pellet and palm extract all mixed together. They get some sunflower...
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    Scruffy Tail Feathers

    I think the younger more active birds can give their tail feather a bit of a hammering, it can be hard to spray underneath. Do you see him preening his tail much? Maybe he is just lazy :-D
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    Help ... Information Would Be Good

    I don't know for sure, I think the artificial conditions for inddor birds can mess it up a bit. But I see in Autumn (now) and spring that one of mine def gets more hormonal. The other one is the same all the time, never seen a change in his behaviour at all - very odd!
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    Harley's November Results

    Hope the antihistimines are enough then, and it's not something too serious. Good luck x
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    Not The Nicest Subject (Poop)

    I keep a spray bottle with a weak F10 solution in it, I spray it on, leave it a few mins and wipe it off - repeat if it's particularly stubborn! I find the sponges you buy to wash dishes with the green scourer sides are pretty good for the day to day cage cleaning.
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    The Stand

    Very nice stand :-D Well the harness training looks like fun even if it wasn't exactly the plan!
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