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    Parent Reared Or Hand Reared

    We have co-parented caique, she is very tame from day one, loves visitors and all creatures in general, except for the budgies, she would kill them if she could. I've came across many people (especially on the czech bird forums) having their caiques parent reared and no problems with taming...
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    Roundybush Pellets

    Also feed Harrisons together with seeds and fresh. I keep it in the special coffee container, airscape is the best.
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    A New Orange Wing Amazon

    I'm so sorry to read this story. We were looking for our bird for few months and I came across the pet shop you've bought your bird from. Unfortunatelly the reviews are mostly false, written by people actually working in the shop and the real stories are hidden in the internet, I've searched a...
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    Saturday 2nd March

    He composed many operas, some of them internationally famous, The Bartered Wife fo example, some of them really just for the Czech people, very nationalistic (as he lived in a period when the czech nation was extremely oppressed by the Austrians), his opera Libuse opened the Czech national...
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    Saturday 2nd March

    As a Czech person myself, I am very happy about seeing that on Google. I think I will treat our birds to Smetana's "Ma vlast" (My homeland) today :)
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    No Birds, But Hi

    Hello and welcome. My son is autistic, he attends special school filled with animals and our house is also full of various creatures :-D It helps greatly even through the most difficult periods of self-harm and suicidal thoughts. I'm very understanding Mum and also a bit animal-mad:D Our latest...
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    New Addition To Our Houshold - Caique

    The outside of the cage is ok for now, but she does play with her food, so she is like new caique spicies with red cheeks :-D
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    New Addition To Our Houshold - Caique

    Well, she is really really tame and happy bird. Came out of the cage today, just looking around and exploring a bit. Absolutely loves her fresh food and the dried chillies in her mix. She has not killed anyone before the picture was taken, just munching on rasberries:D And out of the cage for...
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    New Addition To Our Houshold - Caique

    She is home, very happy in her cage, not at all stressed, just playing constantly and eating her fruit. Will try to get a good photo, probably tomorrow, the light is not the greatest. Ordered her a lamp, but it hasn't arrived yet. And yes, the downstairs is completely bird-proofed, upstairs has...
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    A Week At New Home Already.

    Wow, that must be the most beautiful cockatiel I've ever seen :-D He is really gorgeous. I bet he wil be super cuddly in few weeks.
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    New Addition To Our Houshold - Caique

    Thank you, yes, it is very soon, so many things to buy :-)
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    New Addition To Our Houshold - Caique

    So, after many months of thinking and research we finally took the plunge. Our new baby will be here on Tuesday and we can't wait after we had our fist cuddle today. She is gorgeous, 25 weeks old, very very playful and inquisitive. It was my prefered species of bird from the start of our search...
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    Which Breed Would Suit My Household

    We are in south of Herts. Don't mind to travel to the right breeder, really trying to steer away from anything dodgy.
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    Which Breed Would Suit My Household

    Hi, we are in a similar sort of situation, budgie came first and thinking of a second bird. We have the budgie upstairs and the other one will be downstairs, so not a co-living situation. Our budgie, Lemon, has started to speak few days ago, he says "pretty bird" and "pretty boy", it is very...
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    A Little Disappointed

    Our baby budgie only loves our daughter. He lands on her, plays games with her (amazing to watch, they play hide and seek, chasing games, fetch...) and seems to be starting to talk to her, very funny sounds:) The rest of us hardly get a look from him, even if he steps up happily, gives a kiss...
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