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    Look What I Saw Today :)

    All lovely.x
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    Show off

    I want a cuddle. X
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    Bobbie cutie

    Cash is my cuddle buddy. He comes down cage, walks over the lounge to me and asks for a cuddle. I then pick him up and scratch.
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    Bobbie cutie

    Bobbie adores his dad. Only dad. One almost forgets he has a beak. 😂
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    Bobbie cutie

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    Happy Hatchday

    Happy hatch day from us
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    Thursday 25th June

    We are sorry to hear yr sad news. Sending hugs from all of us. 😢
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    Happy Birthday Captain Howdy

    Belated happy birthday from us. Xxx
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    Thursday 11th June

    Bobbie loves Rob. I'm an uggly slave 😅😂
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    Thursday 11th June

    I can't handle Bobbie. This is only when he's in the cage. I can't and won't sit in the room with him out. He goes for me. It got too much for me as each time he'd take a chunk out or bites through into flesh. It hurt and upset me plus I couldn't have hands full of open wounds working in health...
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    Thursday 11th June

    Hi all. Weather from hell here. Been quiet a few days to give u a break, haha. Fibbing. We've been busy. Re-started the home decoration. Sold some old items on Facebook only to replace them by some others( when I find them) to change the look to go with the new decor. I self teach myself to...
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    Happy Hatchday Princess!

    Happy happy hatch day. Xxx
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    Happy Birthday KateA

    Cash and Rob are celebrating
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    Happy Birthday Jess xx

    Have a good one. Xxx
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    Happy Birthday KateA

    Thank you very much everyone. Hoping for a sunny day with a nice barbecue. I can't believe I'm entering another decade. 🙈🙈
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