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    App called Seek

    Brilliant that would be very useful x
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    Friday 3rd July

    Hi and welcome, I am so sorry to hear your grandmother passed away. It is so lovely you took Seku on. I am also sorry to hear your cat passed away too. Seku might be calling for your cat especially if your cat use to be around Seku. They like their flock together and are not too keen on changes...
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    More Cherub photo's!!!!

    I absolutely adore my Cherubs. So lucky to have them.
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    Bernadette painting

    This is a paint by numbers kit of my Bernadette. My lovely sister-in-law and brother bought this for my birthday. Will be framing this one. Gizzie went for my phone whilst uploading this on Facebook. He thinks that's the real Bernie 😂
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    Hi All

    Hi and :welcome:, love the name Cracker. Is that because he drives you crackers lol. I know my lot do. You have come to the right place.
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    Friday 26th June

    Cooler here to but still very warm. Roy didn't cover the birds up last night as it was far too warm. Pleased he done that without me asking as I fell asleep. My hubby is the best! I agree with you @dianaT people are asking for a second wave with the way they are carrying on. It is very...
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    Happy Hatchday

    Happy Hatchday beautiful Kiki! X
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    Good home for crimson bellied conures

    Very happy and contented little feathered babies you have there @Michael Reynolds x
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    ringneck not friendly all of a sudden

    The thing with owning parrots is that it feels like you are on a rollercoaster. You get ups and downs constantly. The more you focus on the downs it can reflect the way you are with you bird. Just go with it at his pace and if he gives you the cold shoulder just leave him be and wait until he is...
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    Thursday 25th June

    I am so sorry about lovely Molly @Michael Reynolds Fly free sweetie, you were very much loved and will be greatly missed xxxx
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    Lavender is it safe?

    I had a heart hanging lavender freshener. Because I didn't know if it had been treated with oils I gave it away to be on the safe side. Fresh lavender is fine. Just limit how much they chew in it though. If you make one yourself with dried lavender and nothing else then that should be safer
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    Wednesday 24th June

    Hot hot out here too. Wanted parrot babies outside but way too hot for them. So out on our own. Daughters visited today in the garden at a distance. Wanted to give her cuddles as she is missing us. I hope Molly is ok @Michael Reynolds sending hugs xxx Stay safe all. This is far from over...
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    Wednesday 24th June

    I am sorry but 43,081 people have lost their lives here in the uk. Also many including friends are still fighting hard on ventilators. So this is not a over hyped virus. It is effecting many people's businesses too. Families are having to live appart because of shielding. This is a tough time...
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    Thursday 18th June

    I was in the lounge and heard a bang on the window. Called Roy in as it was a emergency (I didn't want to look out the window just in case it was that man). Seriously I should stop watching horror movies as it was just a bird in the window bird box 😂. Update on weird guy on facebook he has been...
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    Just saw this on Facebook. Well done little Tommy. Such a lovely photo @dianaT. He may have gone over the rainbow bridge but he still lives on in our hearts xxx
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