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    Happy hatch day Bo!

    Happy belated hatchday gorgeous! Xxx
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    Thursday 15th July 2021

    Sorry to hear you have to self isolate @Lauraj I bet Bo and Fifi are loving having their Mummy home. Yesterday we were on are way to a sealife centre that we booked a fee days ago. On the way We saw a Tawney owl out in the middle of the road. This is in the country side but cars drive fast In...
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    Max 11 today

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous Max!! Looks like you are getting totally spolit today xxx
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    Tuesday 13th July 2021

    I just wish I could speak to the lady with the grey. As there are lots of different things you can do to help prevent her parrot from escaping without the horrific way of wing clipping. Pleased to hear it is passing @dianaT xxx
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    Tuesday 13th July 2021

    Here is a little video of Alwin. All his family have got to see it so now I can show you all.
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    Tuesday 13th July 2021

    I hope you feel better soon @dianaT xxx
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    Tuesday 13th July 2021

    Just watched this morning and wish I hadn't. Lady's African grey escaped yesterday and was back on to say they are reunited. So Ruth asked how are you going to prevent her escaping again. Answer was - getting her wings clipped :mad::mad::mad:! Some people shouldn't have the joy of owning...
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    Little cherub

    Here is little Alwin enjoying his rub rubs.
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    Shaking and unsteady

    Hope little one is OK today. X
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    Friday 18th June 2021

    Happy Birthday Alan! :ura: Hope you have a lovely day. XX
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    Thursday 17th June 2021

    I hope Alan's pain is easing @dianaT xx
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    Thursday 17th June 2021

    My cherubs are keeping cool and having afternoon nap
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    Thursday 17th June 2021

    Morning, that's wonderful news @DizzyBlue hopefully they will become best friends very soon. Alwin follows Theodore everywhere!!! If Theodore wants mummy cuddles you can guess what Alwin wants lol. It's hard seeing them losing their friend. At some point I will get a couple of budgies to go...
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    Happy Hatchday Princess

    Happy 8th Hatchday my precious Princess Mia! I love you sooo much. XXX
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    budgie breathing difficulty

    I had a budgie that had the same problem. When I contacted one avian vet they said she is just a budgie. That has put me off going to that particular avian vet. But luckily I found another avian vet that really cared. I had to nebulise her 4 x a day using...
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