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    Feather lose

    About 3% for daily use. Low, but if you regularly use too much it can build up on the feathers.
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    Feather lose

    Adding Aloe Vera to the spray can help sooth the itchiness that birds get when they are moulting. This stuff needs to be filtered before putting it into a spray bottle or it will block the nozzle. I...
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    Monday 28th September 2020

    Ok thanks. I will keep an eye on it. She is happy enough for me to do that.
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    Monday 28th September 2020

    @plumsmum We have some rope perches and boings. I think they are all natural fibre. They haven't been a problem before and I am not convinced that the pink patches are sores. They may just be lacking dark skin pigment, in which case they shouldn't get worse. They do not seem sensitive.
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    Monday 28th September 2020

    Jessie's feet are completely clean and there is no sign of infection - just three or four pink pads. It is easy to keep an eye on them as she regularly rolls on to her back on my hand and lets me tickle her toes :D
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    Monday 28th September 2020

    Morning all, @Tonifrax - good luck with the interview! A cold start but the temperature is slowly rising. It is supposed to be 15 degrees today, but that might be a bit optimistic. Calm and bright apart from that. The birds are fine. Jessie is in super cuddly mode, which is nice. It took ages...
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    I’m officially old :(

    It is a bit like FPV goggles - model planes, multi-rotors (quads, drones), etc. At first you are struggling to keep your balance and are swaying around all over the place, but eventually you get used to it and learn to stand still. Or you just sit down.
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    Looking for cage for future birds

    These bowls: I would recommend getting two sets of four bowls - one set in the cage, the other cleaned and ready for fresh food and water. It makes swapping the bowls a much quicker and convenient process.
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    Looking for cage for future birds

    The Little Friends Hamberley cage would be worth considering. 10mm bar spacing, so it is ideal for smaller birds. A very reasonably priced, large cage. The Hamberley does not come with bowls though, so you will need to factor those in. I recommend the stainless steel bolt-on coop bowls that can...
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    Our Flock Member Weights

    Sometimes the forum insists that you type the @ and sometimes it doesn't e.g. to tag someone in a public message you need the @ but for PMs, you don't. I just tried it for PM and it seemed to work. Did you select the recipient from the drop-down list? It might not work if you just type the name...
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    Wednesday 23rd September

    Morning all, Looks like the weather is taking a dive throughout the UK - it looks pretty miserable in the West Mids for a few days. I haven't been taking part in the forum much for the last couple of weeks. Crazy busy at work but the light at the end of the tunnel does seem to be getting...
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    African Grey Help required

    We had an Eclectus that came to us with an overgrown beak. Once trimmed by an avian vet and after providing him with suitable toys - hard woods for him to chew on - it never needed trimming again. I'd recommend taking your Grey to an avian vet for a health check. If his beak does need trimming...
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    Tuesday 22nd September

    Congratulations @DizzyBlue. I thought that I was doing quite well, but you have even overtaken me on the "Danger To Myself" leaderboard :D
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    Monday 21 September

    Jessie has been back into full monster mode these last couple of days. It happens every full moon or so. I know it will pass soon, but my goodness she is hard work. Fingers and ears are her main targets - blood has been shed - but I know the hormones are raging (approaching 18 months) and it is...
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    Happy Birthday Tasch

    Close enough - Hippo birdy two ewes :D
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